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This project is born from the necessity of a fast, simple and standard way to configure most Typescript Projects. Whenever you may wish to start a new project simply run tsconfig from command line(more on that later) and it's done.


Actually this project has few dependencies, except for Node.js -> npm.

  • Typescript installed globally npm install typescript --global
  • Typings intalled globally npm install typings --global


Use npm to install this script either:

  • Globally:
    • npm install tspconfig --global
  • Local (discouraged but working):
    • npm install tspconfig --save


Either you installed it in a local folder or globally you need to just run tspconfig in the folder of your project and it's black magic powers will put most of the stuff ypu need for a common Typescript project. A special "support" for vscode is provided, in fact you can just open the project folder, start coding and press ctrl + b, to build it!

Note: At this time being the task that run the build is in watch mode. In a (very close) future will be added an option to make it possible to chosse between watch andnormal mode (look at todo list at the ond of this file).

Also I work on Windows and, as you can see, the scripts *.cmd won't work in unix like systems. Also this is in the known things to do. By the way I THINK that the tspconfig.js can still work.

ANY help is welcome and appreciated.


  • Test the tspconfig.js also in unix systems
    • Make it work
  • Create a more portable tspconfig.cmd, for example change it in another .js
  • Add a"hello.ts" file
  • Add option to the tspconfig script to allow a choose between watch mode and normal mode of the build task



npm i tspconfig

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