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This library's goal is to be able to take as input a JSDoc annotated source JavaScript file (or many files) and output a single TypeScript Declaration File (.d.ts).

It is distributed as a JSDoc3 template. Running JSDoc with this as the template should result in a TypeScript Definition File.


You can install this module from npm:

$> npm install tsd-jsdoc


To use this module, simply specify it as the template for your normal JSDoc generation.

For example, from the command-line you can do:

$> jsdoc -t node_modules/tsd-jsdoc/dist -r .

Or add this to your JSON configuration:

    "opts": {
        "template": "./node_modules/tsd-jsdoc/dist"

If you want to use jsdoc/closure tag @template, you also need to specify this module as a plugin, like so:

    "plugins": [ "./node_modules/tsd-jsdoc/dist/plugin" ],
    "opts": {
        "template": "./node_modules/tsd-jsdoc/dist"


This library provides very little validation beyond what JSDoc provides. Meaning if you have invalid JSDoc comments, this will likely output an invalid TypeScript Definition File.

Additionally there are things that JSDoc allows, that TypeScript does not. This library tries to make these differences transparent, and translate from one to the other when necessary. It can't handle anything though, and you can generate invalid Typescript even if your JSDoc is valid.

Unsupported Features

Default exports

JSDoc has a bug that prevents it from correctly parsing export default class Name {}. The workaround is to use named exports (export class Name {}) or utilize the jsdoc-export-default-interop plugin.

Tags with no support

Tags that describe the code, but support is not implemented are:

Ignored tags

Tags that are just metadata and don't actually describe the code are ignored. These are:

All other JSDoc tags should work fine.

Supported ClosureCompiler Tags

ClosureCompiler has a couple tags beyond the built-in JSDoc tags that can improve your TypeScript output. Here is a complete list of the tags from CC that are supported in this template:

Extended support for TS features

JSDoc doesn't have a way to express all the features of typescript so we treat some syntax as special case to create better Typescript.

  • Class<T> - If we encounter a type that is Class<T> we will treat it as typeof T. See jsdoc3/jsdoc#1349




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