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    A tool for loading the nearest tsconfig file in the same way the TypeScript compiler does. It walks up the directory tree until it finds the first matching tsconfig.json file.

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    tsconfig-resolver is designed to be used inside your node project. It automatically populates the extends field so that the configuration received is the same as would be used by any consuming TypeScript project.


    First, install the plugin and it's peer dependencies:

    npm install --save tsconfig-resolver


    yarn add tsconfig-resolver

    Code Example

    The following will load the first tsconfig.json file working upwards from the process.cwd() of the running node process.

    import { tsconfigResolver } from 'tsconfig-resolver';
    const result = await tsconfigResolver();
    // without type narrowing
    // with type narrowing
    if (result.exists) {

    Configuration options can also be passed into the export function.

    import { join } from 'path';
    import { CacheStrategy, tsconfigResolver } from 'tsconfig-resolver';
    const result = tsconfig({
      cwd: join(__dirname, 'src'),
      fileName: 'tsconfig.prod.json',
      cache: CacheStrategy.Directory,



    import { tsconfigResolverSync } from 'tsconfig-resolver';


    The function returns an object consisting of the following.

    Property Type Description
    config TsConfigJson or undefined The configuration object.
    • undefined when the tsconfig resolver failed and no configuration was found.
    • TsConfigJson (exported by the type-fest library) when the resolved tsconfig has been found and loaded.
    exists boolean Whether or not the configuration could be loaded.
    • false when no tsconfig could be found.
    • true when a valid tsconfig file has been found and successfully loaded.
    reason TsConfigErrorReason or undefined The reason for failure.
    • TsConfigErrorReason.NotFound when the config failure is because the filename has not been found.
    • TsConfigErrorReason.InvalidConfig when the config failure is because of an invalid config.
    • undefined when no failure has occurred.
    path string or undefined The absolute path to the tsconfig.json or given filename.
    • undefined when not found.
    • string when config json is invalid.
    • string when a valid tsconfig has been loaded.
    extendedPaths string[] or undefined The extendedPaths array.
    • undefined when the tsconfig resolver failed to load a valid configuration.
    • string[] of absolute paths to resolved tsconfig files when extended paths are encountered.
    • [] an empty array when no extended paths are encountered.
    • [] an empty array when ignoreExtends options is set to true.
    isCircular boolean or undefined The isCircular config flag.
    • undefined when the tsconfig resolver failed to load a valid configuration.
    • true when a circular extends property was encountered (an extends path chain that references itself).
    • false when no circular extends property was encountered.


    Property Type Default Description
    cwd string process.cwd() The directory to start searching from.
    searchName string 'tsconfig.json' The tsconfig file name to search for. This is where the TsConfigJson configuration object will be loaded from.
    filePath string undefined A direct path to the tsconfig file you would like to load. The path will be resolved relative to the current process.cwd(). If it leads to a directory then the searchName will be appended. * This also supports the npm: prefix which will find the given npm package directory, if it is installed. When provided the cache is set to 'always' by default.
    cache string or boolean 'never' Set the caching strategy that will be used when searching for a file that's already been found. When a filePath is provided the default value becomes 'always'.
    ignoreExtends boolean false When true will not automatically populate the extends argument. This is useful if all you want is the json object and not the fully resolved configuration.


    import { tsconfigResolver } from 'tsconfig-resolver';

    The same API as tsconfigResolverSync except the return value is wrapped in a promise.


    Clears the cache.

    import { clearCache, tsconfigResolver } from 'tsconfig-resolver';
    const result = await tsconfigResolver();
    // Now clear the cache.


    import { CacheStrategy } from 'tsconfig-resolver';

    Provides the available caching strategies that can be used.

    Sometimes you'll want to run this module several times during runtime but it can be slow and expensive walk up the file tree for the tsconfig value every time.

    To help prevent unnecessary lookups there are custom caching strategies available.

    • CacheStrategy.Never - Caching never happens and the returned value is always recalculated
    • CacheStrategy.Always - The first time the tsconfigResolver method is run it will save a cached value (by searchName) which will be returned every time after that. This value will always be the same. This is turned on by default when a filePath is provided.
    • CacheStrategy.Directory - The cache will be used when the same directory (and searchName) is being searched.


    import { TsConfigErrorReason } from 'tsconfig-resolver';

    This provides the reason for the error in resolving the tsconfig.

    • TsConfigErrorReason.NotFound - The tsconfig file could not be found.
    • TsConfigErrorReason.InvalidConfig - The file was found but the configuration was invalid.


    Re-exported from type-fest.


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    This project uses SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


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