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    A VERY simple bundler for TypeScript files that doesn't transpile them to JS (Multiple .ts -> Single .ts)


    There are plenty of TypeScript bundlers out there but none that don't also transpile TypeScript into regular JS. This bundler seeks to rectify that by providing a very simple way to concatenate multiple TypeScript modules into one TypeScript file.

    The magic behind this bundler is in utilizing TypeScript's namespace feature rather than using the traditional bundler loading pattern.

    The impetus behind this was to allow TypeScript projects composed of multiple modules to be uploaded to CodinGame (which only accepts single flat files) either by hand or by using the CodinGame Sync App WITHOUT transpiling those TypeScript files to JavaScript in the process.



    $ npm install --save-dev tsbunch

    tsbunch(entryFilePath, [outputFilePath], [declarationsFile(s)])

    • entryFilePath: String file path of the bundle entry file
    • outputFilePath: (Optional) Name of output file, will default to out.ts
    • declarationsFile(s): (Optional) Single or array of string file paths to files which will placed at the top of the output file 'outside' of the bundle.

    Create a file with the following in it:

    const tsbunch = require('tsbunch');
    tsbunch('path/to/entryFile.ts', 'path/to/outputFile.ts', 'path/to/declarationsFile.d.ts');

    Finally run that file with:

    $ node file.js


    This bundler is using string matching rather than AST's so doesn't fully support the import/export spec:

    • import defaultExport from "module-name";
    • import * as name from "module-name";
    • import { export1 } from "module-name";
    • import { export1 as alias1 } from "module-name";
    • import { export1 , export2 } from "module-name";
    • import { export1 , export2 as alias2 , [...] } from "module-name";
    • import defaultExport, { export1 [ , [...] ] } from "module-name";
    • import defaultExport, * as name from "module-name";
    • export let name1, name2, …, nameN; // also var, const
    • export let name1 = …, name2 = …, …, nameN; // also var, const
    • export function functionName(){...}
    • export class ClassName {...}
    • export const { name1, name2: bar } = o;
    • export default expression;
    Has Partial Support

    The following examples will have their function/class names changed. It's recommended to save them as constants and then export the constants rather than to directly default export them:

    • export default function (…) { … } // also function*
    • export default function name1(…) { … } // also function*
    • export default class { … }
    • export default class name1{ … }
    Will Not Work:
    • import { foo , bar } from "module-name/path/to/specific/un-exported/file";
    • import "module-name";
    • var promise = import("module-name");
    • export { name1, name2, …, nameN };
    • export { name1 as default, … };
    • export { variable1 as name1, variable2 as name2, …, nameN };
    • export * from …; // does not set the default export
    • export * as name1 from …;
    • export { name1, name2, …, nameN } from …;
    • export { import1 as name1, import2 as name2, …, nameN } from …;
    • export { default } from …;

    TSBunch will also not resolve any circular dependencies. If compilation is taking unusually long, it's recommended to check for these.


    • npm run build: compiles TS files
    • npm run test: runs all tests
    • npm run testWatch: runs all tests in watch mode

    Todo/Future Improvements

    • Use tsconfig.json for file import



    Available for Hire

    I'm available for freelance, contracts, and consulting both remotely and in the Hudson Valley, NY (USA) area. Some more about me and what I can do for you.

    Feel free to drop me a message at:

    hi [a+] zweisolutions {●} com




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