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node-ts3sq is a simple library to interact with the TeamSpeak3 ServerQuery Interface documented here.

Please do not use this library in production without careful review. I created it for my own needs and it's largely untested. Let me know if it ends up being used somewhere else!

Code Example

var ts = require('ts3sq');
//Lets connect for a start...
var client = new ts.ServerQuery('localhost', 10011);
client.on('ready', function() {
	client.execute('login <username> <passwprd>');
	//...and switch to instance 4, better check if this was successful, so we use a callback this time.
	client.execute('use 4', function(element) {
		//element always has an "err" property, just like the query itself always returns an error, even if the action was successful.
	//The first TS3 library for node to support notifications, the SQ isn't just request-reponse, hooray!
	client.execute('servernotifyregister event=server');
client.on('notify', function(notification) {
	if (notification.type == "notifycliententerview") {
		console.log(notification.body[0].client_nickname + " has connected");

client.on('error', function(error){
	// This is usually an error right from the TCP socket, the close event will most likely follow on the next tick

client.on('close', function(){
	// Connection closed, for whatever reason.


npm install ts3sq