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Executes TypeScript, including references, in node by transpiling to JavaScript on the fly.

API, _this, _arguments, options, tempFilename): Compiles TypesScript code and executes in the given node context (supplied by _this and _arguments). Any errors will be passed to console.error.

  • sourcePath (string, required): The path of the TypeScript file to compile. References will be followed.
  • _this (object, required): Object to use as thisArg when executing the compiled JavaScript.
  • _arguments (array, required): The node arguments (exports, require, module, __filename, __dirname) to use when executing the compiled JavaScript.
  • options (string, optional): Options to pass to tsc, for example, '--noImplicitAny'. The default is an empty string.
  • tempFilename (string, optional): The path to a temporary file to pass to tcs. The default is './__temp.js'. This file is deleted immediately after compilitation completes.


'use strict';
let tsRunner = require('ts-runner');'./implementation/index.ts', this, arguments, '--noImplicitAny');



  • attempt to find correct source path


  • use current version of TypeScript compile


  • update to use tsc full compile

0.1.1 - 0.1.3

  • minor updates - linting, readme (no functional changes)


  • initial implementation