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    ts-messenger-api (unmaintained!)

    Unofficial API for Facebook Messenger. This package provides programmatic access to Facebook Messenger activity like sending and receiving messages on behalf of actual user.

    Note: This package works only on NodeJS v15 and higher!

    Since Facebook makes frequent modification to their API, please bear in mind, that this library is prone to developing bugs, that may not be immediately fixed.


    You can install the package with NPM:

    npm i ts-messenger-api

    Quick Demo

    import facebookLogin from 'ts-messenger-api';
    // for plain JavaScript use this:
    // const facebookLogin = require('ts-messenger-api').default;
    const api = await facebookLogin({
      email: '',
      password: 'your_messenger_password'
    const friends = await api.getFriendsList();
    await api.listen();
    await api.sendMessage({ body: 'Hi' }, friends[0].id);

    Message Sending

    There are some examples of sending messages below. First of all, start with await api.listen(); to establish a websocket connection.

    Plain text message

    api.sendMessage({ body: 'This' }, friends[3].id);

    Attachment message

    Facebook automatically recognises file type (picture, video, audio or general file).

    import fs from 'fs';
    api.sendMessage({ attachment: fs.createReadStream('path-to-file') }, friends[3].id);
    // or send multiple attachments in one message
        attachment: [

    Replying to a message

        body: 'This is my reply to your question',
        replyToMessage: originalMessageId

    Similarly, you can send a message with mentions. The types for that are in the docs.

    Receiving messages and events

    First of all, start with await api.listen() to establish a websocket connection. You can access the EventEmitter by using the returned value of this function or get it directly from api.listener property.

    Posible event types are:

    • "message" for all incoming messages and events (for listening to events, specify the options argument as {listenEvents: true} while login)
    • "presence" for information about friends' active state
    • "typ" for incoming typing indicators
    • "error" for possible errors caused by websocket communication
    api.listener.addEventListener('message', (msg: AnyIncomingMessage) => console.log(msg));
    api.listener.addEventListener('error', err => console.error(err));

    Type of an incoming message is defined in msg.type.

    Login with AppState

    You can login to Facebook account for the second time without the need to provide login credentials (email and password). This feature is provided with AppState (array of cookies provided by Facebook). We advise you to save the AppState right after first successful login using:

    // after first login
    fs.writeFileSync('./appState.json', JSON.stringify(api.getAppState()));

    Now you can use the saved cookies to log in later.

    // using the saved AppState
    let api: Api | null = null;
    try {
      api = (await login(
          appState: JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('./appState.json').toString())
        { listenEvents: true }
      )) as Api;
    } catch (error) {
      // something like `console.error(error);`


    You can find the documentation here.


    The following table lists all features that are implemented or are destined to be implemented in the future. If you would like to have some feature implemented do not hesitate to submit PR.

    Feature Implemented
    Get app state
    Send message
    Unsend message
    Delete message
    Forward attachment
    Set message reaction
    Send typing indicator
    Get friends list
    Get user ID
    Get user info
    Get thread list
    Get thread info
    Get thread history
    Get thread pictures
    Delete thread
    Mute thread
    Search for thread
    Change thread colour
    Change thread emoji
    Group management
    Add user to group
    Remove user from group
    Leave group
    Change admin status
    Change group image
    Change group title
    Change nickname
    Create poll
    Mark as read
    Mark as read all
    Change archived status
    Change blocked status


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