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A CLI of TypeScript related scripts for managing and updating TypeScript repos

ts-doctor workspaces

Configures TypeScript project references for a yarn, bolt, or pnpm monorepo.

Monorepo setups can be...complex, with TypeScript. Ideally you want all the locally interdependent packages to act as if they were part of one TS project, otherwise you have to watch and build each package in order to have up to date type information everywhere. In addition editor tooling should show source files not generated .d.ts files, for "go to definition" and intellisense. Project references allow for this, but come at the cost of a lot of arcane setup. Luckily ts-doctor can automate the vast majority of it!

There are two prequisites for running the command.

  1. Your workspaces need to be defined. Follow the instructions for your tool of choice, we'll use yarn workspaces in the example.
  2. Each package in your monorepo that should have its own tsconfig.json. This is how the command knows which packages are relevant typescript packages.


  "workspaces": {
    "packages": ["packages/*"]

Once you've added and built packages, run:

npx ts-doctor workspaces

And you are done. Everything should be set up. Remember to run regularly to keep configuration up to date. ts-doctor will surgically edit your config files, only updating the bits that are relevant so you can feel to edit them further.

What it does in detail:

  • add a references array in the root tsconfig.json enumerating each package path
  • add a references array in every package tsconfig.json that depends on another local ts package
  • set the compilerOption: composite: true array in every package tsconfig.json
  • set the compilerOption: declarationMap: true array in every package tsconfig.json
  • For packages that specify a publishConfig.directory key in their package.json ts paths are added to consuming packages for resolving "deep" imports to the right directory

Additional options

  • --with-build-configs: additionally generates a tsconfig.build.json config file in each package. This is useful for Babel based flows that only use tsc to generate type definition files, not compile source. running tsc -p tsconfig.build.json --declaration --noEmit locally in the workspace for building type defs. This is unfortunately necessary because of how compiler flags interact badly with composite projects, making it impossible to build just type definitions from the repo root.

  • --with-sources-metadata: Adds a workspace-sources key to the root package.json with metadata about how imports map to source files, e.g. lib -> src, maybe useful for other tools, such as webpack, for building aliases.




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