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Typescript DG600F coin acceptor protocol

NodeJS library to work with DG600F coin acceptor. Based on the work of dhoepelman.

Supported devices

  • DG600F


npm install ts-dg600f

DG600F Settings

The library assumes certain settings on the DG600F. See its technical manual for how to set these

Setting Value
DIP-switch On Off On Off
Baud rate 4800
Signal output format 3 bytes (0xAA value XOR)
Serial Or Parallel Port Serial

(Re-)Training DG600F

The training procedure is detailed in section 7 of the technical manual. There is also a video available.

A short summary:

  1. Hold the A (left) button for ~2 second to enter coin parameters. The display should show "CP"
  2. (Optional) Hold B for ~2 second to clear all existing parameters. The display should flash "CC". Press A to return to "CP"
  3. With the A button cycle to the coin you want to train (CP)
  4. Press B. The display will show "00" (or the value you programmed for that coin)
  5. With B select the value for this coin (range 0-A0). This code assumes the value is Math.ceil(value_in_cents/2). So a €2 coin is A0, a €0,50 coin is 25 and a €0,05 coin is 3.
  6. Make sure the acceptor is in the same position as you intend to use it. The acceptor should nearly perpendicular to the ground.
  7. Enter (different!) samples of the coin you want to detect until the machine beeps and displays "F". It will take max 20 coins.
  8. Press A to return to CP and redo steps 3-8 until all coins are trained


Original idea comes from this video and official Support tips

  1. Take a FDTI cabel
  2. Connect GROUND from FDTI (black) to Ov of the device (pin 3)
  3. Connect RX from FDTI (yellow) to serial output of the device (pin 2)
  4. Connect 12V (from external power source) to 12V of the device (pin 1)
6 Coin Acceptor <=> 12 Power Supply <=> 5V FTDI

      12v       <=>    +12V         <=>  -(NC)-
Serial Output   <=>   -(NC)-        <=>   RXI
      0V        <=>    GND          <=>   GND
Counter Output  <=>   -(NC)-        <=>  -(NC)-
Inhibiting Port <=>   -(NC)-        <=>  -(NC)-

Note: -(NC)- means that there is nothing connected.

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