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    Making webshell and terminal supports trzsz ( trz / tsz ), which similar to ( rz / sz ), and compatible with tmux.

    MIT License npmjs trzsz


    Considering laptop -> hostA -> hostB -> docker -> tmux, using scp or sftp is inconvenience.

    In this case, lrzsz ( rz / sz ) is convenient to use, but unfortunately it's not compatible with tmux.

    tmux is not going to support rz / sz ( 906, 1439 ), and creating a new tools is much easier than patching tmux.

    trzsz.js is a js version of trzsz, which supports webshell running in browser, terminal built with electron, etc.

    Getting Started

    • Install the module

      npm install trzsz


      yarn add trzsz
    • Use in Node.js

      import { TrzszFilter } from "trzsz";


      const { TrzszFilter } = require("trzsz");
    • Use in browser

      <script src="node_modules/trzsz/lib/trzsz.js"></script>
    • Create TrzszFilter object

      const trzszFilter = new TrzszFilter({
        // The trzsz options, see below
    • Generally, the output of the server is forwarded to the terminal. Pass the output through TrzszFilter.

      const trzszFilter = new TrzszFilter({
        // The output will be forwarded back by TrzszFilter, unless the user runs ( trz / tsz ) on the server.
        writeToTerminal: (data) => terminal.write(typeof data === "string" ? data : new Uint8Array(data)),
      // forward the output to TrzszFilter
      webSocket.addEventListener("message", (ev) => trzszFilter.processServerOutput(;
    • Generally, the user input is forwarded to the server. Pass the user input through TrzszFilter.

      const trzszFilter = new TrzszFilter({
        // The user input will be forwarded back by TrzszFilter, unless there are files being transferred.
        sendToServer: (data) => webSocket.send(data),
      // forward the user input to TrzszFilter
      terminal.onData((data) => trzszFilter.processTerminalInput(data));
      // forward binary input to TrzszFilter
      terminal.onBinary((data) => trzszFilter.processBinaryInput(data));
    • Let TrzszFilter know the terminal columns for rendering progress bar.

      const trzszFilter = new TrzszFilter({
        // initialize the terminal columns
        terminalColumns: terminal.cols,
      // reset the terminal columns
      terminal.onResize((size) => trzszFilter.setTerminalColumns(size.cols));
    • If there is a windows shell, such as cmd and PowerShell.

      const trzszFilter = new TrzszFilter({
        // There is a windows shell
        isWindowsShell: true,
    • If running in Node.js and TrzszFilter can require('fs'), chooseSendFiles and chooseSaveDirectory are required. If running in web browser, they will be ignored. Note that they are async functions.

      const trzszFilter = new TrzszFilter({
        // call on the user runs trz ( upload files ) on the server and no error on require('fs').
        chooseSendFiles: async (directory) => {
          // if `directory` is `true`, allow to choose multiple directories and files.
          // otherwise, only allow to choose multiple files.
          // return `undefined` if the user cancels.
          // return an array of file paths choosed by the user.
          return ["/path/to/file1", "/path/to/file2", "/path/to/directory3"];
        // call on the user runs tsz ( download files ) on the server and no error on require('fs').
        chooseSaveDirectory: async () => {
          // return `undefined` if the user cancels.
          // return a directory path choosed by the user.
          return "/path/to/directory";
    • Support dragging files or directories to upload.

      terminalHtmlElement.addEventListener("dragover", (event) => event.preventDefault());
      terminalHtmlElement.addEventListener("drop", (event) => {
          .then(() => console.log("upload success"))
          .catch((err) => console.log(err));
    • TrzszAddon is a wrapper for TrzszFilter. If you are using xterm-addon-attach, just replace AttachAddon with TrzszAddon.

      import { Terminal } from 'xterm';
      import { TrzszAddon } from 'trzsz';
      const terminal = new Terminal();
      const trzszAddon = new TrzszAddon(webSocket);



    upload and download files in web browser

    browser example

    upload and download files in electron app

    electron example


    Feel free to email me


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