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tryme is an interactive readme and demo viewer for javascript

live demo of tryme in action on itself!

// change foo to whatever you want! 
var button = document.createElement('button');
button.innerHTML = 'foo';
button // => 


Play around with some of these cool demos.

make your own

A tryme is simply a readme with the javascript code sections given special cow powers! If you want to make a javascript code block special, just add a // => at the end.

The web service will load any github repo and let users play around with your README and code examples.


You can use tryme locally for testing, debug, and play before publishing your work.

npm install -g tryme
tryme /path/to/project

Tryme server is now running and you can open a browser to play around with your README or other example files.


This project is made possible by the many awesome ones that have come before it.

See the dependencies for a full list; you might just learn something.