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    CLI (command line) application to generate HTML file of tutorials for Javascript librarries. It takes an enhance markdown file with some minor extensions and creates an HTML file. The HTML tutorial file (a try file) requires no backend server, and totally self contained.

    In the tutorial descriptions in markdown and snippets of editable Javascript code. snippets that can be edited and executed in the browser. This makes it effortless to someone trying to determine if a Javascript library could be useful to play with the code snippets to understand the capability of the library quickly.

    The primary goal is to help npm module developers to publish pages for other developers so that can try out ther library with the minimum of effort.

    Screenshot of a smaple HTML

    The image below is a example of a generated HTML with some annotations

    Note You can save your edits (in the browser's local storage) so you can come back to it at a later date.

    Development status

    The code is in good shape and is ready for developers to use. The documentation is still work in progress, but this site as some good example for you to use. As always, time allowing, I would like to add more capabilities in the future.

    Links to demos

    Why TryTTjs

    A with most development it was to meet a need that i had, namely to delevop an interactive tutorial for a DataTable loosly base of Python's Pandas library for Javascript. DataFrame. The tool is powerful but it is hard to know what you can do with it. The tutor in written in and mostly markdown similar to this document. Interspesed with the markdown ther is runnable javascript code. That can be executed and edited to get hands on experiece with the ideas and api.

    Any number of utilities and libraries can be included with the tutorial. Besides markdown, sections can how the full power of HTML as well as Javascript. I have found it easier to write a tutorial if ther is a step by step guide working through a real problem. TryITjs creates an standalone HTML page with no backend server required (except to deliver the page).

    Documentation - Work in progrress 🚧

    • User Interface


    Install globally

    npm install -g  tryitjs

    Quickly try it out

    • Start a command prompt (bash on Linux, cmd on Windows,...)
    • Navigate to an empty directory (or you outer level projects directory)
    tryitjs --init my-try-playpen

    You will see that a new directory has been created my-try-playpen

    Switch to the the playpen directory as follows:

    cd my-try-playpen
    npm install
    npm run build
    npm start

    Simplest usage

    Example of HTML generated

    The following command can be used to generate a .HTML file from a .try file

     > tryitjs basic.try

    Sample .try file

    The command above generates and basic.html (click to see live results)

    Idea for the future - pure HTML file that lets you edit an preview simple .try files. TryIJjs should be able to do it, the API can run in a browser (by design) but I have not tried that usecase, so I am not sure it will work out of the box.

    What is a .try file

    Very it is a markdown file with a few simple extensions, .try file have the following few commands:

    Multi-line markup

    command Sescription
    !head Items to be added to the <head> add all subsequent lines become part of html/head until the next command
    !md Subsequent lines are treated as markdown
    !tryit the subsequent lines are editable and executable javascript
    !html the subsequent lines are plain html fragments
      <link <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
      <script src="javascript/tryit.js"></script>
    !md   -- end the !head and starts markdown segment
    # This is a title
    !tryit -- start some javascript  
      let arr = [1, 2, 3]; 

    Single line markup

    Does not end the previously started command section, in these single-line command can be a part oone of the previous command

    command Sescription
    @@include <file name> copy the contents of the file into the current location
    !-- the rest of the line is a comment

    Run from command prompt

    • locally installed

    node_modules/.bin/tryitjs {-d target-directory} {-src source-dir}

    • Globally installed

    tryitjs {--dest target-directory}

    • or more generally

    tryitjs --src <src dir for .try files> --dest <target dir for generated .html files> { --local }

    cdn for github files


    npm i tryitjs

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