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Truncate HTML based on characters, words or paragraphs. Has the ability to strip tags.


Provides the ability to truncate HTML strings down to excerpts based on character length, word length or paragraph length.


  • Truncate based on number of Characters, Words or Paragraphs.
  • Strip HTML from returned string.
  • Provides a strict flag to specify whether to cut-off mid word or not.
  • Configurable suffix appended to the end of the returned excerpt.

npm install truncatise

  TruncateBy:     'words',  // Options are 'words', 'characters' or 'paragraphs' 
  TruncateLength: 50,       // The count to be used with TruncatedBy 
  StripHTML:      false,    // Whether or not the truncated text should contain HTML tags 
  Strict:         true,     // If set to false the truncated text finish at the end of the word 
  Suffix:         '...'     // Text to be appended to the end of the truncated text 
var options = {
  TruncateLength: 4,
  TruncateBy : "words",
  Strict : false,
  StripHTML : true,
  Suffix : ' (Read More)'
var excerpt = truncatise("<p>This is a test of Truncatise</p>", options);
console.log(excerpt); // This is a test (Read More)