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    This Truffle plugin automatically starts a ganache instance runs truffle test and stops the instance afterwards. Ganache can be configured via the truffle config file to your specific needs.


    (1) Install the plugin and your desired ganache-core version with npm. For the latest version of ganche-core run

    npm install truffle-contract-size ganache-core

    Any version of ganache-core 2.x can be used.

    (2) Add the plugin to your truffle.js or truffle-config.js file

    module.exports = {
        /* ... rest of truffle-config */
        plugins: [


    The ganache instance is only started under the following conditions:

    • The selected network is named development (default in truffle)
    • The configured port for the development network is closed (no other process is using it at the moment)

    The command can be executed without any arguments to run all tests in the projects.

    truffle run ganache-test

    To run only certain tests, one or more relative paths to test files can be given as arguments

    truffle run ganache-test test/exampleTest1.js test/exampleTest2.js


    The plugin can start the ganache instance out of the box with the required settings for a network in truffle.

    Let's look at the following example of basic network config in truffle.js or truffle-config.js

    module.exports = {
        /* ... rest of truffle-config */
        networks: {
            development: {
                host: "",
                port: 8545,
                network_id: "*"

    With this config file, a ganache instance will be started which listens to and has a randomly generated network id. The tests will successfully be able to connect to it.

    Ganache specific settings

    The plugin allows to configure the ganache instance to your specific needs via the configuration of the development network in truffle.js or truffle-config.js. Setting Ganache specific configurations in any other network will have no effect.

    All configuration options of ganache-core can be used.

    Please see the following example:

    module.exports = {
        /* ... rest of truffle-config */
        networks: {
            development: {
                /* ... rest of network config */
                default_balance_ether: 1000000, // every account of ganache gets 1.000.000 Ether
                total_accounts: 100, // 100 accounts are generated by truffle
                hardfork: 'istanbul' // use istanbul hardfork

    Please the options section of ganache-core for the full list of available options.


    npm i truffle-ganache-test

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