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Tropical Components React

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Lets get tropical!

This repository provides a collection of SSB Components implemented using React.

Demos & Live Docs


** Components are subject to change so please consult the storybook documentation for usage **


Tropical Components (Required)

We include all the library files you will need for styling inside one package called tropical-components. We do this so that you can still get consistent styled components whether you are using react or not. Included for right now are bootstrap 3 and tropical (ssb styles for bs3).

npm install tropical-components
yarn add tropical-components

Tropical Components React

This is the library of custom react components built on top of tropical-components. Components will be added periodically to fit the needs of apps that we are in the process of building. This will be a long process but the end goal is to have react components that cover every component in bs3 and tropical-components.

npm install tropical-components-react
yarn add tropical-components-react

Important Notice

For the time being, a complete list of "Complete" components will be kept on the bottom of this page. This should not stop you from using tropical-components for future apps since you will still get the benefit of consistent styles going forward. For example, we do not currently have a button react component, but importing tropical.scss from tropical-components will allow you to write

    <button class="btn">Enter</button>

and still get the same styles as if you were to import { Button} from our component library


Tropical Components

After successfully installing the tropical-components npm package, in your global scss file, add:

@import "~tropical-components/src/bootstrap/bootstrap.css";
// If you want to utilize material icons 
@import url("");
@import "~tropical-components/src/ssb/tropical.scss";

Tropical Components React

After successfully installing the tropical-components-react npm package, in one of your component files, add:

import { ComponentName } from "tropical-components-react";

Live Components

  • Forms
    • DynamicForm
    • Radio
    • Select
    • TextInput
    • TextArea
    • CreatableSingleSelect
    • MultiSelect
    • SingleSelect (should replace select)
  • Cards
    • Card
    • CardImage
  • Button
    • Button
  • Loading
    • Loading


  • Table
    • Action Bar (not exclusive to table)
      • Search Input
      • Action Buttons
    • Pagination
  • New Radio Inputs
  • Checkboxes
  • Toggle
  • Alerts
  • Modal
  • Remote Source Select Options
  • Navigation Items (Still Planning)
  • Dropdown




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