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What is TronWeb?

TronWeb aims to deliver a unified, seamless development experience influenced by Ethereum's Web3 implementation. We have taken the core ideas and expanded upon it to unlock the functionality of TRON's unique feature set along with offering new tools for integrating DApps in the browser, Node.js and IoT devices.

Project scope

Any new TRON feature will be incorporated into TronWeb. Changes to the API to improve quality-of-life are in-scope for the project. We will not necessarilly maintain feature parity with Web3.js going forward as this is a separate project, not a synchronized fork.



  • Version built for Node.js v6 and above
  • Version built for browsers with more than 0.25% market share

You can access either version specifically from the dist folder.

TronWeb is also compatible with frontend frameworks such as:

  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue.

You can also ship TronWeb in a Chrome extension.



npm install tronweb


yarn add tronweb


Then easiest way to use TronWeb in a browser is to install it as above and copy the dist file to your working folder. For example:

cp node_modules/tronweb/dist/TronWeb.js ./js/tronweb.js

so that you can call it in your HTML page as

<script src="./js/tronweb.js"><script>

This project is also published on NPM and you can access CDN mirrors of this release (please use sub-resource integrity for any <script> includes).


Shasta is the official Tron testnet. To use it use the following endpoint:

Get some Shasta TRX at and play with it. Anything you do should be explorable on

Your local private network for heavy testing

You can set up your own private network, running Tron Quickstart. To do it you must install Docker and, when ready, run a command like

docker run -it --rm \
  -p 9090:9090 \
  -e "defaultBalance=100000" \
  -e "showQueryString=true" \
  -e "showBody=true" \
  -e "formatJson=true" \
  --name tron \

More details about Tron Quickstart on GitHub

Creating an Instance

First off, in your javascript file, define TronWeb:

const TronWeb = require('tronweb')

When you instantiate TronWeb you can define

  • fullNode
  • solidityNode
  • eventServer
  • privateKey

you can also set a

  • fullHost

which works as a jolly. If you do so, though, the more precise specification has priority. Supposing you are using a server which provides everything, like TronGrid, you can instantiate TronWeb as:

const tronWeb = new TronWeb({
    fullHost: '',
    headers: { "TRON-PRO-API-KEY": 'your api key' },
    privateKey: 'your private key'

For retro-compatibility, though, you can continue to use the old approach, where any parameter is passed separately:

const tronWeb = new TronWeb(fullNode, solidityNode, eventServer, privateKey)
tronWeb.setHeader({ "TRON-PRO-API-KEY": 'your api key' });

If you are, for example, using a server as full and solidity node, and another server for the events, you can set it as:

const tronWeb = new TronWeb({
    fullHost: '',
    eventServer: '',
    privateKey: 'your private key'

If you are using different servers for anything, you can do

const tronWeb = new TronWeb({
    fullNode: 'https://some-node.tld',
    solidityNode: 'https://some-other-node.tld',
    eventServer: 'https://some-event-server.tld',
    privateKey: 'your private key'

A full example

The better way to understand how to work with TronWeb is go to the demo directory in this repository.

If you'd like to connect with tronlink app and chrome extention and develop a dapp on tron, you could run the demo in path demo/tron-dapp-react-demo.

If you'd like to develop only with tronweb dependency, you could run the demo in path demo/tronweb-demo.


In order to contribute you can

  • fork this repo and clone it locally
  • install the dependencies — npm i
  • do your changes to the code
  • build the TronWeb dist files — npm run build
  • run a local private network using Tron Quickstart
  • run the tests — npm test:node
  • push your changes and open a pull request

Contact the team at

Recent History



  • Fix getBlockRange() error for range of 1 (#398).
  • Add support for estimateenergy in TransactionBuilder#deployConstantContract() API.


  • Replace elliptic with ethereum-cryptography/secp256k1
  • Bump ethers to ^6.6.0
  • Optimize argument validation for createToken, updateToken and applyForSR
  • callValue can be 0 when the contract constructor is payable
  • Support shouldPollResponse to customize poll times (#368)
  • Support Tip541 by transactionBuilder.cancelUnfreezeBalanceV2
  • Support Tip542 by adding a parameter in transactionBuilder.delegateResource
  • Support estimate the energy used in contract deployment by transactionBuilder.deployConstantContract


  • Support build transactions locally with protobuf
  • Support multi-sign for setAccountId, updateBrokerage, clearABI, updateAccountPermissions function in transactionBuilder lib


  • Add freezeBalanceV2, unfreezeBalanceV2, delegateResource, undelegateResource and withdrawExpireUnfreeze function in transactiobBuiler lib to support stakeV2
  • Support tronWeb.transactionBuilder.estimateEnergy to estimate energy for triggersmartcontract transaction
  • Add getDelegatedResourceV2, getDelegatedResourceAccountIndexV2, getCanDelegatedMaxSize, getAvailableUnfreezeCount and getCanWithdrawUnfreezeAmount function to query account resource info


  • Add tronWeb.utils.transaction lib to serialize and deserialize transaction
  • Add tronWeb.utils.transaction.txJsonToPb function to convert transaction json to protobuf
  • Add tronWeb.utils.transaction.txPbToTxID function to get txID from transaction protobuf
  • Support new transaction builder createAccount


  • Support createRandom and fromMnemonic function
  • Add tronWeb.utils.message lib, which includes hashMessage, signMessage and verifyMessage
  • Add signMessageV2 and verifyMessageV2 in tronWeb.trx lib which can support plain text signature and verification
  • Add size filter for event watch


  • Support _signTypedData


  • Add the name key when the call() and send() methods has only one return value
  • Optimize the TriggerConstantContract() method
  • Update axios to version 0.26.1
  • Update karma to version 6.3.17
  • Update puppeteer to version 13.5.1


  • Add encodeParamsV2ByABI and decodeParamsV2ByABI functions in tronWeb.utils.abi lib
  • Support abi v2 for triggerSmartContract, createSmartContract, call and send methods
  • Update validator to version 13.7.0
  • Update axios to version 0.24.0
  • Update discord group link


  • Set _isConstant as true for call method
  • Ignore max feeLimit check
  • Change git repository url


  • Support broadcastHex method
  • Ignore fullnode version check when calling createToken method
  • Update dependencies version
  • Add strict mode for pkToAddress method


  • Add options rawParameter that format of the parameters method and args when creating or triggering a contract
  • Update elliptic to the latest version 6.5.4
  • Update validator to the latest version 13.6.0


  • Add setHeader function


  • Set feeLimit max value as 5000 TRX


  • Set feeLimit default value as 150 TRX


  • Support triggerSmartContract function with empty character functionSelector and empty array parameters
  • The triggerSmartContract function Support for anonymous contract parameter incoming


  • Set feeLimit default value as 40 TRX
  • The createToken method supports 0 in its precision


  • Update elliptic to the latest version 6.5.3
  • Update ethers to the latest version 5.0.8
  • Fix loadAbi()


  • Support sidechain for SunNetwork
  • Set feeLimit default value as 20 TRX


  • Support toHex function with a space and empty character as parameter
  • The sign function supports visible as true.
  • Fix delete the private key in test files
  • Fix start method returned from watch is undefined #45


  • Fix trx.listExchangesPaginated


  • Fix trx.getTokenListByName


  • Support smart contracts with function that requires an array of addresses as a parameter, included the constructor during the deployment


  • Add options keepTxID to show also the txID when triggering a contract with shouldPollResponse


  • Improve in the plugin architecture allows someone to implement a full lib at the same level of Trx and TransactionBuilder


  • Fix bugs of trx.getBrokerage and trx.getReward function


  • Support new apis related to Java-Tron 3.6.5
  • Original withdrawBlockRewards method support to withdraw user's reward


  • Support extension of transaction expiration
  • Allow to add data to the transaction
  • Many minor changes and fixes


  • Support get unconfirmed transaction function


  • Support trigger constant contract, clear abi and add account by id
  • Add permission id option in functions related to creating transaction
  • Support multi-sign without permission id


  • Reverse PR #6


  • Ignore receiverAddress during freezeBalance and unfreezeBalance if it is equal to the owner address


  • Adds cache in Trx to cache Contracts locally and make the process more efficient


  • Adds static methods Trx.signString and Trx.verifySignature


  • Allows freeBandwidth, freeBandwidthLimit, frozenAmount and frozenDuration to be zero


  • Get rid of jssha to reduce the size of the package a little bit.


  • Supports /wallet/getapprovedlist and /wallet/getsignweight JavaTron API.
  • Adds test for multi-sign workflow.


  • Fixes a typo in #event.getEventsByContractAddress naming.


  • Adds options to #plugin.register to pass parameters to pluginInterface.


  • Adds filters during event watching.


  • Removes mixed approach instantiating tronWeb. Before you could pass the servers as an object, and the privateKey as a separate parameter. Now, you pass them either in the options object or in the params.


  • Adds support for not-tld domain, like http://localhost
  • Improve the new format, allow passing the privateKey as a property in the option object


  • Introduces new format to instantiate tronWeb, passing an options object instead that fullNode, solidityNode and eventServer as separate params
  • Fixes bug in _watch which causes a continuous update of the since parameter


TronWeb is distributed under a MIT licence.



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