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    REPL for Titanium. Inspired heavily by node.js's own repl.



    • Supports iOS simulator and Android emulator
    • Full access to Titanium API, including tab completion for Titanium namespaces
    • Command history (↑,↓)
    • Save and load REPL sessions
    • Add files and native Titanium modules to REPL
    • require() commonjs modules at runtime straight from the filesystem
    • Multi-line statements
    • Color-coded return values, by type
    • Much more coming (see enhancements)

    Install NPM version

    $ npm install -g triple


    ≫ triple -h
      Usage: triple [options] [file [delay]]
        -h, --help                      output usage information
        -V, --version                   output the version number
        --clean                         re-create the triple titanium app
        -I, --ios-version <iosVersion>  select the ios version to use
        -m, --module <ids>              Add native module(s) to REPL
        -p, --platform <platform>       mobile platform for triple
        -v, --verbose                   Enable verbose output
        basic REPL
        $ triple
        [creating app]
        [loading app]
        > alert('hello, world!');
        load by file or url, with optional delay between lines
        $ triple /path/to/file.js
        $ triple
        $ triple /path/to/file.js 2000
        add native module(s) to REPL by id
        $ triple --module ti.paint
        $ triple --module some.module,another.module

    triple commands

    triple includes a few commands to control its operations. These must be preceded by the dot (.) to be recognized as commands.

    .add [file ...]

    Add file(s) to REPL at runtime.

    $ triple
    > .add /path/to/image.png
    > var image = Ti.UI.createImageView({image:'image.png'});


    Abort a multi-line statement.

    $ triple
    > for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
    ... // i want to stop this statement
    ... .break


    Create a new execution context for the current REPL.

    $ triple
    > var foo = 123;
    > foo
    > .clear
    > foo
    ReferenceError: Can't find variable: foo


    Exits the REPL.

    $ triple
    > .exit


    Shows command help in the REPL.

    .load [delay]

    Load a local or remote Javascript file line by line in to the REPL. A delay between each line of code's execution can be specified in milliseconds. If <file> is a directory, triple will attempt to load app.js then index.js from the directory.

    $ triple
    > .load ./app.js
    > .load
    > .load 2000


    Saves the current REPL session to a file. This file can be loaded in triple later with .load.

    $ triple
    > Ti.UI.createWindow({backgroundColor:'#a00'}).open();
    > .save ./test.js


    triple has so far been developed and tested with the following OSes and mobile platforms:

    • iOS simulator & Android emulator
    • Mac OSX 10.9.4+
    • Titanium SDK 3.2.3+

    Support for all of Appcelerator's supported platforms is planned. Windows OS support is planned as well.

    Known Issues

    Aside from the issues in this repo, here's some other known issues with Titanium that you might encounter when using triple.

    • [TIMOB-17449] - iOS: this.Kroll cannot be inspected, and throws errors when you try
    • [TIMOB-17448] - iOS: error when commonjs module exports certain types (anything other than function, object, or string). Fixed in Titanium 3.4.0.
    • [#82] - Android currently does not support local require() calls like iOS. This should be addressed in triple 0.4.0.


    Thanks to all the developers that have helped with triple so far!

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    npm i triple

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