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Tripetto is a full-fledged form kit. Rapidly create and deploy smart flowing forms and surveys. Drop the kit in your codebase and use all of it, or just the parts you need. The visual editor is for form creation, the collector for response collection and the SDK for developing more form building blocks.

Collector package

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The collector is a 2-in-1 package with:

  • A library to handily embed forms in websites and applications - Docs - Examples
  • Typings to implement the library using TypeScript - Tutorials


You use the collector library to handily deploy smart forms in websites and applications. It turns a form definition (created with the graphical editor) into an executable program; a finite state machine that handles all the complex logic and response collection during the execution of the form. The collector also supports pausing and resuming. Apply any UI framework you like. Or pick from the out-of-the-box implementations for React, Angular and more.


Try the demo View the code

Get started

To use the library in your project you should install the collector package as a dependency using the following command:

$ npm install tripetto-collector --save



The complete documentation can be found at

Detailed collector documentation is available here.

More about the editor is found here.

If you want to develop your own building blocks, read more here or start with our boilerplate.


Run into issues or bugs? Report them here and we'll look into them.

For general support contact us at We're more than happy to assist you.


Have a blast. MIT.


We hope other enthusiasts will also start to develop and share collectors and blocks for Tripetto. We have a repository where we collect a list of community driven blocks and collectors. Did you build something? Submit a PR and add yours to the list. We appreciate it!

About us

If you want to learn more about Tripetto or contribute in any way, visit us at


npm i tripetto-collector

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