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We moved all Tripetto packages to the '@tripetto' organization. Please use 'npm i @tripetto/block-mailer' instead. Full documentation available at:

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Tripetto is a full-fledged form kit. Rapidly build and run smart flowing forms and surveys. Drop the kit in your codebase and use all of it or just the parts you need. The visual builder is for form building, and the runners are for running those forms in different UI variants. It is entirely extendible and customizable. Anyone can build their own building blocks (e.g., question types) or runner UI's.

Mailer block

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This block for Tripetto is an action block. It sends a fully customizable email after the form is submitted.

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Get started

You need to install or import this block to use it in Tripetto. If you are using the CLI version of the builder, you can find instructions here. If you are embedding the builder into your own project using the library, take a look here.

Use cases

  • Directly in your browser (add <script src=""></script> to your HTML);
  • In the CLI builder (install the block using npm i tripetto-block-mailer -g and update your Tripetto config);
  • In your builder implementation (just add import "tripetto-block-mailer"; to your code);
  • In your runner implementation (simply add import "tripetto-block-mailer/runner"; to your code.


Run into issues or bugs? Report them here and we'll look into them.

For general support contact us at We're more than happy to assist you.


Have a blast. MIT.


About us

If you want to learn more about Tripetto or contribute in any way, visit us at

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