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Content Player

Content-Player which is used to play/render the contents in both device and web.

Supported Content MIME Types

Content Type MIME Type
ECML application/vnd.ekstep.ecml-archive
HTML application/vnd.ekstep.html-archive
Epub application/epub
H5P application/vnd.ekstep.h5p-archive
PDF application/pdf
YOUTUBE video/x-youtube
WEBM video/Webm
MP4 video/mp4

How to render the contents?

Content player is a customisable and configurable before launching any type of content inside any environment (preview or device) it expecting few configurations. Based on the configuration content will be rendered in the respective environment.

Download content player preview from NPM

npm i @project-sunbird/content-player

Preview object

var previewObj = {
    "context": {
        "mode": "preview/edit/play", // to identify preview used by the user to play/edit/preview
        "authToken": "", // Auth key to make V3 api calls
        "contentId": "do_201734893", // ContentId used to get body data from content API call
        "sid": "sdjfo8e-3ndofd3-3nhfo334", // User sessionid on portal or mobile
        "did": "sdjfo8e-3ndofd3-3nhfo334", // Unique id to identify the device or browser 
        "uid": "sdjfo8e-3ndofd3-3nhfo334", // Current logged in user id
        "channel": "", // To identify the channel(Channel ID). Default value ""
        "pdata": // Producer information. Generally the App which is creating the event, default value {}
            "id": "", // Producer ID. For ex: For sunbird it would be "portal" or "genie"
            "pid": "", // Optional. In case the component is distributed, then which instance of that component
            "ver": "", // version of the App
        "app": [""], // Genie tags
        "partner": [""], // Partner tags
        "dims": [""], // Encrypted dimension tags passed by respective channels
        "cdata": [{ //correlation data
            "type": "", //Used to indicate action that is being correlated
            "id": "" //The correlation ID value

    "config": {
    	"whiteListUrl": ["contentProviderPath"], // The URLs that passed as this config only will allow from player, other URLs will be blocked. eg. '**', 'https://***' etc.
        "repos": ["s3path"], // plugins repo path where all the plugins are pushed s3 or absolute folder path
        "plugins": [{ id: "org.sunbird.telemtryPlugin", "ver": "1.0", "type": "plugin" }], //Inject external custom plugins into content (for externl telemetry sync)
        "overlay": { // Configuarable propeties of overlay showing by GenieCanvas on top of the content
            "enableUserSwitcher": true, // enable/disable user-switcher, default is true for mobile & preview
            "showUser": true, // show/hide user-switcher functionality. default is true to show user information
            "showOverlay": true, // show/hide complete overlay including next/previous buttons. default value true
            "showNext": true, // show/hide next navigation button on content. default is true
            "showPrevious": true, // show/hide previous navigation button on content. default is true
            "showSubmit": false, // show/hide submit button for assessmetns in the content. default is false
            "showReload": true, // show/hide stage reload button to reset/re-render the stage. default is true
            "menu": {
                "showTeachersInstruction": true // show/hide teacher instructions in the menu
        "splash": { // list of configurable properties to handle splash screen shown while loading content
            "text": "Powered by Sunbird", // Text to be shown on splash screen while loading content. 
            "icon": "assets/icons/icn_genie.png", // Icon to be show on above the text(full absolute path of the image in mobiew or http image link)
            "bgImage": "assets/icons/background_1.png", // backgroung image used for splash screen while loading content(absolute folder path of the image in mobie or http image link)
            "webLink": "XXXX" // weblink to be opened on click of text
        "mimetypes": [ // Content mimetypes for new cotent lucnhers
        "contentLaunchers": [ // content laucher plugins for specific content mimetypes
            { // Plugin used for ECML content to launch, It is default plugin
                "mimeType": 'application/vnd.ekstep.html-archive',
                "id": 'org.sunbird.htmlrenderer',
                "ver": 1.0,
                "type": 'plugin'
    "metadata": {}, //content metadata json object (from API response take -> response.result.content)
    "data": undefined // content body json object (from API response take -> response.result.content.body)


Property Name Description Default Value
host It is a string which defines the from which domain content should be load window.location.origin
mimetypes It is an array which defines the what type of the content to be renderer [ ]
contentLaunchers It is an array of plugin objects it will launch the content based on the mimeType which is defined []
overlay It is an object using this canvas overlay can be customized based on the flags {}
splash It is an object before launching any type of content splash screen will load and it is customizable {}
showEndpage It is boolean which defines should default canvas endpage should load or not TRUE
pdata It is an object which defines the producer information it should have identifier and version and canvas will log in the telemetry {'id':'in.ekstep', 'ver':'1.0'}
channel It is string which defines channel identifier to know which channel is currently using. in.ekstep
app It is an array which defines the app tags and canvas will log in the telemetry []
partner It is an array which defines the partner tags and canvas will log in the telemetry []
dims It is an array which defines the encrypted dimension tags it should be passed from the respective channel and canvas will log in the telemetry []
context It is an object it contains the uid,did,sid,mode etc., these will be logged inside the telemetry {}
config It is an object it contains the repo,plugins,overlay,splash etc., these will be used to configure the canvas {}
apislug It is string which defines proxy setup to make a api request /action
whiteListUrl It is an Array which defines whiteList URLs which should allows from player ['self']
  1. How to render in Web

    Content player will render inside the web environment with the above configuration .


    <div class="content-player">
        <iframe id="preview" src ='./node_modules/@project-sunbird/content-player/preview.html?webview=true' width=100% height=100%></iframe>


      var previewElement = jQuery('#preview')[0];
      previewElement.onload = function() {
  2. How to render in Device(cordova)

Content player will render inside Cordova environment and it's accepting the configuration through cordova webintent

How to setup content player in local


  • Install NPM, Node(v6), android-sdk, Cordova and Ionic

How to Run

  • Clone the content player from here
  • Run npm install in PROJECT_FOLDER/player path
  • Disable isCorePluginsPackaged variable in the appConfig.js to load/run the plugins without minifiying.
  • To run player in local run node app in the Terminal
  • Open http://localhost:3000/ in the browser. By default player runs in the 3000 port

How to build

  1. Preview

    Run npm run build-preview sunbird which creates the preview folder for sunbird instance

  2. AAR

    Run npm run build-aar sunbird which creates an aar file for the sunbird instance

    The AAR file will create in the below path.


  3. Plugins Package

    Run npm run package-coreplugins -- sunbird Which bundles all the coreplugins plugins and creates the coreplugins.js and coreplugins.css

  4. Test Cases

    Run npm run test Which runs the player test cases.

Change Logs

See ChangeLogs for more information


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.

Any Issues ?

We have an open and active issue tracker. Please report any issues.

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