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A base formatter for Toga documentation. Provides a hook for walking abstract syntax trees and formatting nodes.


$ npm install --save-dev trifle


new Trifle([options])

  • options {Object}
    • name {String} - Name of plugin. (Default: 'trifle')
    • property {RegExp} - Name of property that contains the AST in Vinyl files. (Default: 'ast')
    • extension {RegExp} - Matches the file extension or extensions which are handled by this parser.
    • formatters {Array.<Function(Object,String):Boolean>} - A list of node formatters.

Creates a reusable formatter based on the given options.

#add(formatter) : this

  • formatter {Function(Object,*):Boolean} - Formatter to add.

Adds a formatter to be used.

.add(function (node, value) {
    if ((/^(title|method|property)$/).test(node.key)) {
        node.update(node.key + '' + String(value).toLowerCase());

#pipe(stream) : Stream.Readable

  • stream {Writable} - Writable stream.

Trifle is a Transform Stream, working in object mode. ASTs stored in the .ast property of Vinyl objects will be walked and formatted.


var toga = require('toga'),
    Trifle = require('trifle');
    // ... parser(s) 
    .pipe(new Trifle()) // walks `.ast` and formats nodes 
    // ... compiler(s) 


Formatters are functions that accept a traverse node context and a value. They will be executed in order for each node in the AST. You can keep subsequent formatters from executing by returning false.

formatters: [
    function (node, value) {
        if (node.key === 'description' && value != null) {
            return false; // don't apply other formatters to this node 
    function (node, value) {
        if ((/^(title|method|property)$/).test(node.key)) {
            node.update(node.key + '' + String(value).toLowerCase());


$ npm test



Standards for this project, including tests, code coverage, and semantics are enforced with a build tool. Pull requests must include passing tests with 100% code coverage and no linting errors.

© 2015 Shannon Moeller

Licensed under MIT