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    Simple wallet address validator for validating Bitcoin and other altcoins addresses in Node.js and browser.

    Forked from ryanralph/altcoin-address.

    File size is ~65 kB (minifed and gzipped).



    npm install trezor-address-validator


    <script src="wallet-address-validator.min.js"></script>


    validate (address [, currency = 'bitcoin'[, networkType = 'prod']])
    • address - Wallet address to validate.
    • currency - Optional. Currency name or symbol, e.g. 'bitcoin' (default), 'litecoin' or 'LTC'
    • networkType - Optional. Use 'prod' (default) to enforce standard address, 'testnet' to enforce testnet address and 'both' to enforce nothing.

    Returns true if the address (string) is a valid wallet address for the crypto currency specified, see below for supported currencies.

    Supported crypto currencies

    • 0x/zrx '0x' or 'zrx'
    • Aave/lend 'Aave' or 'lend'
    • Abyss Token/abyss 'Abyss Token' or 'abyss'
    • AdEx/adx 'AdEx' or 'adx'
    • adToken/adt 'adToken' or 'adt'
    • aelf/elf 'aelf' or 'elf'
    • Aeron/arn 'Aeron' or 'arn'
    • Aeternity/ae 'Aeternity' or 'ae'
    • Agrello/dlt 'Agrello' or 'dlt'
    • All Sports/soc 'All Sports' or 'soc'
    • Ambrosus/amb 'Ambrosus' or 'amb'
    • Ankr/ankr 'Ankr' or 'ankr'
    • AppCoins/appc 'AppCoins' or 'appc'
    • Aragon/ant 'Aragon' or 'ant'
    • Arcblock/abt 'Arcblock' or 'abt'
    • Ardor/ardr 'Ardor' or 'ardr'
    • ATLANT/atl 'ATLANT' or 'atl'
    • Augur/rep 'Augur' or 'rep'
    • AuroraCoin/aur 'AuroraCoin' or 'aur'
    • aXpire/axpr 'aXpire' or 'axpr'
    • Bancor/bnt 'Bancor' or 'bnt'
    • Band Protocol/band 'Band Protocol' or 'band'
    • Bankex/bkx 'Bankex' or 'bkx'
    • Basic Attention Token/bat 'Basic Attention Token' or 'bat'
    • BeaverCoin/bvc 'BeaverCoin' or 'bvc'
    • BetterBetting/betr 'BetterBetting' or 'betr'
    • Binance/bnb 'Binance' or 'bnb'
    • Binance USD/busd 'Binance USD' or 'busd'
    • BioCoin/bio 'BioCoin' or 'bio'
    • Bitcoin/btc 'Bitcoin' or 'btc'
    • Bitcoin Diamond/bcd 'Bitcoin Diamond' or 'bcd'
    • Bitcoin SV/bsv 'Bitcoin SV' or 'bsv'
    • BitcoinCash/bch 'BitcoinCash' or 'bch'
    • BitcoinGold/btg 'BitcoinGold' or 'btg'
    • BitcoinPrivate/btcp 'BitcoinPrivate' or 'btcp'
    • BitcoinZ/btcz 'BitcoinZ' or 'btcz'
    • BitDegree/bdg 'BitDegree' or 'bdg'
    • BitKan/kan 'BitKan' or 'kan'
    • BlitzPredict/xbp 'BlitzPredict' or 'xbp'
    • Blockmason Credit Protocol/bcpt 'Blockmason Credit Protocol' or 'bcpt'
    • Blocktrade Token/btt 'Blocktrade Token' or 'btt'
    • BLOCKv/vee 'BLOCKv' or 'vee'
    • Blox/cdt 'Blox' or 'cdt'
    • Bluzelle/blz 'Bluzelle' or 'blz'
    • Bread/brd 'Bread' or 'brd'
    • BTU Protocol/btu 'BTU Protocol' or 'btu'
    • Callisto/clo 'Callisto' or 'clo'
    • Cardano/ada 'Cardano' or 'ada'
    • Celer Network/celr 'Celer Network' or 'celr'
    • Chainlink/link 'Chainlink' or 'link'
    • Chiliz/chz 'Chiliz' or 'chz'
    • Chronobank/time 'Chronobank' or 'time'
    • Cindicator/cnd 'Cindicator' or 'cnd'
    • Civic/cvc 'Civic' or 'cvc'
    • Cocos-BCX/cocos 'Cocos-BCX' or 'cocos'
    • Coinlancer/cl 'Coinlancer' or 'cl'
    • COS/cos 'COS' or 'cos'
    • Cosmo Coin/cosm 'Cosmo Coin' or 'cosm'
    • Cosmos/atom 'Cosmos' or 'atom'
    • Covesting/cov 'Covesting' or 'cov'
    • Cred/lba 'Cred' or 'lba'
    • Crypterium/crpt 'Crypterium' or 'crpt'
    • Coin/cro ' Coin' or 'cro'
    • CryptoBossCoin/cbc 'CryptoBossCoin' or 'cbc'
    • CryptoFranc/xchf 'CryptoFranc' or 'xchf'
    • Daneel/dan 'Daneel' or 'dan'
    • Dash/dash 'Dash' or 'dash'
    • Decentraland/mana 'Decentraland' or 'mana'
    • Decred/dcr 'Decred' or 'dcr'
    • Dent/dent 'Dent' or 'dent'
    • Dentacoin/dcn 'Dentacoin' or 'dcn'
    • DigiByte/dgb 'DigiByte' or 'dgb'
    • Digitex Futures/dgtx 'Digitex Futures' or 'dgtx'
    • DigixDAO/dgd 'DigixDAO' or 'dgd'
    • District0x/dnt 'District0x' or 'dnt'
    • Dock/dock 'Dock' or 'dock'
    • DogeCoin/doge 'DogeCoin' or 'doge'
    • DomRaider/drt 'DomRaider' or 'drt'
    • Dusk Network/dusk 'Dusk Network' or 'dusk'
    • Edgeless/edg 'Edgeless' or 'edg'
    • Eidoo/edo 'Eidoo' or 'edo'
    • Electrify.Asia/elec 'Electrify.Asia' or 'elec'
    • Enigma/eng 'Enigma' or 'eng'
    • Enjin Coin/enj 'Enjin Coin' or 'enj'
    • EOS/eos 'EOS' or 'eos'
    • Ethereum/eth 'Ethereum' or 'eth'
    • EthereumClassic/etc 'EthereumClassic' or 'etc'
    • Etherparty/fuel 'Etherparty' or 'fuel'
    • EtherZero/etz 'EtherZero' or 'etz'
    • Everex/evx 'Everex' or 'evx'
    • Exchange Union/xuc 'Exchange Union' or 'xuc'
    • Expanse/exp 'Expanse' or 'exp'
    • Fantom/ftm 'Fantom' or 'ftm'
    • '' or 'fet'
    • FirmaChain/fct 'FirmaChain' or 'fct'
    • FirstBlood/1st 'FirstBlood' or '1st'
    • Fortuna/fota 'Fortuna' or 'fota'
    • FreiCoin/frc 'FreiCoin' or 'frc'
    • GameCredits/game 'GameCredits' or 'game'
    • GarliCoin/grlc 'GarliCoin' or 'grlc'
    • Gemini Dollar/gusd 'Gemini Dollar' or 'gusd'
    • Genesis Vision/gvt 'Genesis Vision' or 'gvt'
    • Gifto/gto 'Gifto' or 'gto'
    • Gnosis/gno 'Gnosis' or 'gno'
    • Golem/gnt 'Golem' or 'gnt'
    • Groestlcoin/grs 'Groestlcoin' or 'grs'
    • Hedera Hashgraph/hbar 'Hedera Hashgraph' or 'hbar'
    • HedgeTrade/hedg 'HedgeTrade' or 'hedg'
    • Holo/hot 'Holo' or 'hot'
    • HOQU/hqx 'HOQU' or 'hqx'
    • Humaniq/hmq 'Humaniq' or 'hmq'
    • Huobi Token/ht 'Huobi Token' or 'ht'
    • Hush/hush 'Hush' or 'hush'
    • HyperSpace/xsc 'HyperSpace' or 'xsc'
    • ICON/icx 'ICON' or 'icx'
    • iExec RLC/rlc 'iExec RLC' or 'rlc'
    • IHT Real Estate Protocol/iht 'IHT Real Estate Protocol' or 'iht'
    • Insolar/ins 'Insolar' or 'ins'
    • Internet of Services/IOST 'Internet of Services' or 'IOST'
    • Iota/iota 'Iota' or 'iota'
    • IoTeX/iotx 'IoTeX' or 'iotx'
    • Kcash/kcash 'Kcash' or 'kcash'
    • KEY/key 'KEY' or 'key'
    • KickToken/kick 'KickToken' or 'kick'
    • Komodo/kmd 'Komodo' or 'kmd'
    • Kyber Network/knc 'Kyber Network' or 'knc'
    • Lambda/lamb 'Lambda' or 'lamb'
    • Lamden/tau 'Lamden' or 'tau'
    • LBRY Credits/lbc 'LBRY Credits' or 'lbc'
    • LIFE/life 'LIFE' or 'life'
    • LinkEye/let 'LinkEye' or 'let'
    • Lisk/lsk 'Lisk' or 'lsk'
    • LiteCoin/ltc 'LiteCoin' or 'ltc'
    • LockTrip/loc 'LockTrip' or 'loc'
    • Loki/loki 'Loki' or 'loki'
    • Loom Network/loom 'Loom Network' or 'loom'
    • Loopring/lrc 'Loopring' or 'lrc'
    • Luniverse/luniverse 'Luniverse' or 'luniverse'
    • Lunyr/lun 'Lunyr' or 'lun'
    • Mainframe/mft 'Mainframe' or 'mft'
    • Maker/mkr 'Maker' or 'mkr'
    • Matchpool/gup 'Matchpool' or 'gup'
    • Matic Network/matic 'Matic Network' or 'matic'
    • MCO/mco 'MCO' or 'mco'
    • Measurable Data Token/mdt 'Measurable Data Token' or 'mdt'
    • MegaCoin/mec 'MegaCoin' or 'mec'
    • Melon/mln 'Melon' or 'mln'
    • Menlo One/one 'Menlo One' or 'one'
    • Metal/mtl 'Metal' or 'mtl'
    • Mithril/mith 'Mithril' or 'mith'
    • Moeda Loyalty Points/mda 'Moeda Loyalty Points' or 'mda'
    • Molecular Future/mof 'Molecular Future' or 'mof'
    • MonaCoin/mona 'MonaCoin' or 'mona'
    • Monero/xmr 'Monero' or 'xmr'
    • Monetha/mth 'Monetha' or 'mth'
    • Monolith/tkn 'Monolith' or 'tkn'
    • Multi-collateral DAI/dai 'Multi-collateral DAI' or 'dai'
    • Mysterium/myst 'Mysterium' or 'myst'
    • NAGA/ngc 'NAGA' or 'ngc'
    • NameCoin/nmc 'NameCoin' or 'nmc'
    • Nano/nano 'Nano' or 'nano'
    • Nem/xem 'Nem' or 'xem'
    • Neo/neo 'Neo' or 'neo'
    • NeoGas/gas 'NeoGas' or 'gas'
    • NetKoin/ntk 'NetKoin' or 'ntk'
    • Nexo/nexo 'Nexo' or 'nexo'
    • Noah Coin/noah 'Noah Coin' or 'noah'
    • Nucleus Vision/ncash 'Nucleus Vision' or 'ncash'
    • Numeraire/nmr 'Numeraire' or 'nmr'
    • NXT/nxt 'NXT' or 'nxt'
    • OAX/oax 'OAX' or 'oax'
    • Ocean Protocol/ocean 'Ocean Protocol' or 'ocean'
    • Odyssey/ocn 'Odyssey' or 'ocn'
    • OmiseGO/omg 'OmiseGO' or 'omg'
    • Ontology/ont 'Ontology' or 'ont'
    • ORS Group/ors 'ORS Group' or 'ors'
    • OST/ost 'OST' or 'ost'
    • Own/chx 'Own' or 'chx'
    • Patientory/ptoy 'Patientory' or 'ptoy'
    • Patron/pat 'Patron' or 'pat'
    • Paxos Standard/pax 'Paxos Standard' or 'pax'
    • Peculium/pcl 'Peculium' or 'pcl'
    • PeerCoin/ppc 'PeerCoin' or 'ppc'
    • Perlin/perl 'Perlin' or 'perl'
    • Pillar/plr 'Pillar' or 'plr'
    • PIVX/pivx 'PIVX' or 'pivx'
    • '' or 'poe'
    • Polymath/poly 'Polymath' or 'poly'
    • Populous/ppt 'Populous' or 'ppt'
    • Power Ledger/powr 'Power Ledger' or 'powr'
    • Presearch/pre 'Presearch' or 'pre'
    • PrimeCoin/xpm 'PrimeCoin' or 'xpm'
    • ProtoShares/pts 'ProtoShares' or 'pts'
    • PumaPay/pma 'PumaPay' or 'pma'
    • Pundi X/npxs 'Pundi X' or 'npxs'
    • Qtum/qtum 'Qtum' or 'qtum'
    • Quant/qnt 'Quant' or 'qnt'
    • Quantstamp/qsp 'Quantstamp' or 'qsp'
    • QuarkChain/qkc 'QuarkChain' or 'qkc'
    • RaiBlocks/xrb 'RaiBlocks' or 'xrb'
    • Raiden Network Token/rdn 'Raiden Network Token' or 'rdn'
    • Ravencoin/rvn 'Ravencoin' or 'rvn'
    • Refereum/rfr 'Refereum' or 'rfr'
    • Ren/ren 'Ren' or 'ren'
    • Request/req 'Request' or 'req'
    • Revain/r 'Revain' or 'r'
    • Ripio Credit Network/rcn 'Ripio Credit Network' or 'rcn'
    • Ripple/xrp 'Ripple' or 'xrp'
    • Salt/salt 'Salt' or 'salt'
    • Scopuly/sky 'Scopuly' or 'sky'
    • Sentinel/sent 'Sentinel' or 'sent'
    • SiaCashCoin/scc 'SiaCashCoin' or 'scc'
    • Siacoin/sc 'Siacoin' or 'sc'
    • SingularDTV/sngls 'SingularDTV' or 'sngls'
    • SingularityNET/agi 'SingularityNET' or 'agi'
    • SIRIN LABS Token/srn 'SIRIN LABS Token' or 'srn'
    • SkinCoin/skin 'SkinCoin' or 'skin'
    • SnowGem/sng 'SnowGem' or 'sng'
    • SolarCoin/slr 'SolarCoin' or 'slr'
    • SOLVE/solve 'SOLVE' or 'solve'
    • SoMee.Social/ong 'SoMee.Social' or 'ong'
    • SONM/snm 'SONM' or 'snm'
    • Spendcoin/spnd 'Spendcoin' or 'spnd'
    • STASIS EURO/eurs 'STASIS EURO' or 'eurs'
    • Status/snt 'Status' or 'snt'
    • STEEM/steem 'STEEM' or 'steem'
    • Stellar/xlm 'Stellar' or 'xlm'
    • Storj/storj 'Storj' or 'storj'
    • Storm/storm 'Storm' or 'storm'
    • Stox/stx 'Stox' or 'stx'
    • Stratis/strat 'Stratis' or 'strat'
    • Streamr DATAcoin/data 'Streamr DATAcoin' or 'data'
    • Substratum/sub 'Substratum' or 'sub'
    • SunContract/snc 'SunContract' or 'snc'
    • Swarm City/swt 'Swarm City' or 'swt'
    • SwftCoin/swftc 'SwftCoin' or 'swftc'
    • Synthetix Network/snx 'Synthetix Network' or 'snx'
    • Syscoin/sys 'Syscoin' or 'sys'
    • Tael/wabi 'Tael' or 'wabi'
    • Telcoin/tel 'Telcoin' or 'tel'
    • TEMCO/temco 'TEMCO' or 'temco'
    • TenX/pay 'TenX' or 'pay'
    • Tether/usdt 'Tether' or 'usdt'
    • Tezos/xtz 'Tezos' or 'xtz'
    • Tierion/tnt 'Tierion' or 'tnt'
    • Time New Bank/tnb 'Time New Bank' or 'tnb'
    • Tripio/trio 'Tripio' or 'trio'
    • Tron/trx 'Tron' or 'trx'
    • TrueUSD/tusd 'TrueUSD' or 'tusd'
    • USD Coin/usdc 'USD Coin' or 'usdc'
    • USDT ERC-20/usdt20 'USDT ERC-20' or 'usdt20'
    • Utrust/utk 'Utrust' or 'utk'
    • VeChain/ven 'VeChain' or 'ven'
    • VeChain Mainnet/vet 'VeChain Mainnet' or 'vet'
    • Verge/xvg 'Verge' or 'xvg'
    • VertCoin/vtc 'VertCoin' or 'vtc'
    • VIBE/vibe 'VIBE' or 'vibe'
    • Viberate/vib 'Viberate' or 'vib'
    • VoteCoin/vot 'VoteCoin' or 'vot'
    • Waltonchain/wtc 'Waltonchain' or 'wtc'
    • Waves/waves 'Waves' or 'waves'
    • WePower/wpr 'WePower' or 'wpr'
    • WeTrust/trst 'WeTrust' or 'trst'
    • Wings/wings 'Wings' or 'wings'
    • YOU COIN/you 'YOU COIN' or 'you'
    • Zap/zap 'Zap' or 'zap'
    • ZCash/zec 'ZCash' or 'zec'
    • ZClassic/zcl 'ZClassic' or 'zcl'
    • ZenCash/zen 'ZenCash' or 'zen'
    • Zilliqa/zil 'Zilliqa' or 'zil'

    Usage example


    var WAValidator = require('trezor-address-validator');
    var valid = WAValidator.validate('1KFzzGtDdnq5hrwxXGjwVnKzRbvf8WVxck', 'BTC');
        console.log('This is a valid address');
        console.log('Address INVALID');
    // This will log 'This is a valid address' to the console.
    var WAValidator = require('trezor-address-validator');
    var valid = WAValidator.validate('1KFzzGtDdnq5hrwxXGjwVnKzRbvf8WVxck', 'litecoin', 'testnet');
          console.log('This is a valid address');
          console.log('Address INVALID');
    // As this is a invalid litecoin address 'Address INVALID' will be logged to console.
    var WAValidator = require('trezor-address-validator');
    var currency = WAValidator.findCurrency('xrp');
          console.log('This currency exists');
          console.log('Currency INVALID');
    // As this is a valid currency symbol 'This currency exists' will be logged to console.
    var WAValidator = require('trezor-address-validator');
    var currency = WAValidator.findCurrency('random');
          console.log('This currency exists');
          console.log('Currency INVALID');
    // As this is not a valid currency symbol 'Currency INVALID' will be logged to console.


    <script src="wallet-address-validator.min.js"></script>
    // WAValidator is exposed as a global (window.WAValidator)
    var valid = WAValidator.validate('1KFzzGtDdnq5hrwxXGjwVnKzRbvf8WVxck', 'bitcoin');
        alert('This is a valid address');
        alert('Address INVALID');
    // This should show a pop up with text 'This is a valid address'.


    npm i trezor-address-validator

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