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    Trendyways library by rubenafo wrapped into javascript module.

    Small javascript library containing methods to be used in financial technical analysis of stock time series. It is intended to be a simple library, suitable to be inserted in any visulization workflow to generate results on the fly.

    How to use it

    Install via npm:

    npm i trendyways-module

    Then in your javascript file use require or import syntax:

    import trendyways from 'trendyways-module'

    And you are ready to use its functions like

    var macd = trendyways.indicators.macd(....);


    Please refer to the wiki of the project to access the latest documentation:

    General purpose functions:

    • series min.
    • series max.
    • series mean.
    • series standar deviation.

    Averages and Intervals:

    • MA: simple moving average.
    • EMA: exponential moving average.
    • WMA: weighted moving average.
    • Bollinger bands (window n, k value).

    Error methods:

    • series MSE
    • series RMSE
    • series MAE

    Support and Resistance methods:

    • Floor pivot points (resistances R1, R2 and R3; and supports S1, S2 and S3).
    • Tom Demarks Points (low:high values prediction).
    • Woodies Points (resistances R1,R2; and supports S1 and S2).
    • Camarilla Points (resistances R1,R2,R3 and R4; supports S1,S2,S3 and S4).
    • Fibonacci Retracements (for both uptrend and downtrend series).

    Technical Indicators:

    • On-Balance Volume (obv)
    • Price and Volume Trend (pvt)
    • Money Flow Index (mfi)
    • MACD indicator (macd)
    • Momentum (n-th order momentum)
    • Rate of Change (ROC) (n-th order)
    • RSI (Relative Strength Index) (n-th order)
    • Average True Range (ATR)
    • Average Directional Index (ADV)


    If you want to run your tests locally, use mocha to run the /tests files:

    npm run test


    npm i trendyways-module

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