A simple nodejs trello release notes generator


A trello release notes generator for node.js

You can install it using npm.

npm install trello-releasenotes

First, log in to Trello and open Generate API Keys. You'll receive an key to use in the next step.

Second, call to grant access for this application.

For further information visit: Getting a Token from a User

Store the key and the given token in settings.json.

There are some settings you can set up in settings.json:

applicationKey      Insert your obtained application key from Trello to get access to it
userToken           Define your user token you'll receive when obtaining an application ey
boardId             Define the id of the board you want to search for release notes
strings             These are used to create the export, translate them into your language if you want

version and product of strings are used to generate the filename.

When you open your Trello account you get a list of boards, open one of it and the URL will be something like

Copy identifier and set this one as the boardId in settings.json.

To export release notes start it like shown bellow:

node index.js -g [LISTNAME]

Replace [LISTNAME] with the name of your list that contains the cards and release note for export.

To export all release notes of list 'Done' execute

node index.js -g Done

At the moment just one list can be exported. This will change in future versions.

Please note that the result is a .markdown file that can be processed with other modules like ideamark or mdserv.


  • Support of multiple lists
  • Generation of HTML and PDF output
  • Real templating