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A line of geometric trees treeline

A line of geometric trees treeline

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Command-line utility for working with Sails apps and machines in Treeline.

Installation   NPM version

$ npm install -g treeline

This will allow you to use treeline on the command-line, as well as tl, its alias.

Usage Gitter

You should check out https://treeline.io/documentation for an in-depth tutorial, but here are a few highlights:

# locally preview the app in the current directory 
$ treeline lift
# associate the current directory with an app on Treeline.io 
$ treeline link
# authenticate this computer using your Treeline credentials 
$ treeline login


Treeline is a project by the Sails core team to make Node.js more approachable. Think about it like blueprints for everything- web servers, APIs, background processes, devops scripts. To learn more about the project, please visit our website.

The underlying technology at work is mostly composed of a number of open-source modules which are a collaborative effort from the Sails.js and node-machine projects.



If you are interested in contributing to any of these modules, please follow the directions outlined in the relevant repo(s). Feature requests, bug reports, patches, tests, documentation, or even proof-reads are all welcome :)

The Treeline.io Beta

So... Treeline is not publicly available yet. We're working very hard to get ready for GA, especially on docs and examples. For the latest release schedule, check out our website or @treeline on Twitter.

If you're interested in beta testing, please visit our website and sign up for early access.

If you're a Sails.js contributor still waiting on your beta code, hit me up on Twitter (@mikermcneil) and I'll set up your account personally.


This module is developed and actively maintained with the help of these contributors:

Mike McNeil Scott Gress Cody Stoltman Rachael Shaw Irl Nathan
Mike McNeil Scott Gress Cody Stoltman Rachael Shaw Irl Nathan


The Treeline CLI tool is available under the MIT license.

© 2013 Mike McNeil

© 2014 The Treeline Company


npm i treeline

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