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Tree Visitor Async

Visit nodes in the tree asynchronously and sequentially. Support promises.

Asynchronous version of Tree Visitor. Actions can return a promise and .visit() returns a promise.


var fs = require('fs');
var Q = require('q');
var VisitorAsync = require('tree-visitor-async');
var nodes = [
    { type: 'import', value: 'path/to/file1' },
    { type: 'import', value: 'path/to/file2' },
function MyVisitorAsync() {}
MyVisitorAsync.prototype = new VisitorAsync();
MyVisitorAsync.prototype.visit_import = function (importNode) {
    var deferred = Q.defer();
    fs.readFile(importNode.value, 'utf8', deferred.makeNodeResolver());
    return deferred.promise.then(function (content) {
new MyVisitorAsync().visit(nodes).then(function () {

Methods are passed to the returned promise as fulfill callbacks. So, for example, if a method throws an error or returns a rejected promise, subsequent nodes won't be visited.

this keyword in the fulfill & reject callbacks refers the created visitor object (e.g., new MyVisitorAsync() in the previous example).