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forEach for trees


forEach for trees

With component, packin or npm

$ {package mananger} install jkroso/tree-each

then in your app:

var treach = require('tree-each')

iterate a tree breadth first along path from node

iterate a tree depth first along path from node

walk up path from node

each can be used to define other higher order functions that operate over trees. Here we define filter and use it to emulate document.body.querySelectorAll. Note the use of currying to keep noise to a minimum inside filter. All functions in this package have been made curryable.

var each = depthFirst('children')
function filter(el, fn, ctx){
  var res = []
  each(el, function(el){
    if (fn(el)) res.push(el)
  }, ctx)
  return res
filter(document.body, function(el){
  return el.matchesSelector('.hidden')
}) // => [ Element ] 

Just run make. It will install and start a development server. Then just point your browser to localhost:3000/test. Likewise to run the examples.