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Travisjs is a command line application for travis, especially targeted for managing tests for node modules. It is inspired by travisify and git-travis (which is uses internally).

Install with npm install travisjs -g

Usage: travisjs <command>
  version    display the current version
  init       initialize travis (hook and yml)
  badge      generate badge
  open       open travis page
  yml        creates a .travis.yml
  hook       set up hook for this repo
  status     shows the status of the tests
  config     shows the location of the config file
  lint       validate your .travis.yml

config file

Travisjs config file location can be shown with travisjs config.

It can have a couple of properties:

Property Description
token Access token — you don't want to touch this.
node_js Node.js versions to include in generated .travis.yml file.

Example config file:

token: xxx
  - '0.10'
  - '0.12'
  - iojs