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add travis-ci hooks to github


Add travis-ci hooks to your github project.


npm install -g travisify


Navigate to a git project that you've set up remotes for on github, then run travisify. The first time you run travisify it will prompt you for your github account and travis api key.

$ cd ~/projects/upnode
$ travisify
# created a .travis.yml
# make sure to `git add .travis.yml`
travis hook added for substack/upnode with id 213466

Now every time you push to github your tests will be run on travis-ci.

Travisify looks at your package.json's engine field to generate a .travis.yml file if one doesn't already exist.

If you want to trigger the tests manually you can use the travisify test command:

$ cd ~/projects/upnode
$ travisify test
test hook sent for substack/upnode/213466


Add a github hook for travis if one hasn't already been added.

Trigger a test request for the travis hook.

Generate a markdown travis badge to put in your readme.