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    On Sept 13, Travis team announced about a critical vulnerability, see

    In large organizations, it's not easy to understand the blast radius.

    This tool will help you to scan organizations in Github by filtering out repositories which are not impacted.

    Basic filtering using Travis APIs

    By providing 'org' and 'token' arguments to this script, your organization will be scanned. Only repositories that have Travis builds and environment variables set in Travis will be included in the result.

    Sample output

    Getting repositories chunk from /owner/org/repos
    Checking if repositories have environment variables, this might take a while.
    The following repositories are potentially impacted - they have used Travis and have environment variables:
    Writing JSON summary output to ./repos.json

    Extended refinement

    If you provide also extended and github_token, the script will use Github APIs to filter out repositories which don't have any forks. In addition, it will create a summary which includes the potential impacted repo + basic details about the top 3 contributors (link to github profile + name and email if publicly available)

    Sample output

    Repository Name, Contributor1 name, Contributor1 email, Contributor1 profile, Contributor2 name, Contributor2 email, Contributor2 profile, Contributor3 name, Contributor3 email, Contributor3 profile
    repo1, John Doe,,, John Doe,,, John Doe,,


          --version              Show version number                       [boolean]
      -t, --token                Travis api token                         [required]
      -o, --org                  Organization to scan                     [required]
      -e, --extended             Whether or not to use GH APIs to filter out
                                 repositories without any forks, and add information
                                 about top 3 contributors                  [boolean]
          --github_token, --ght  Github token. Unless you have a very small number
                                 of repositories, required in order to increase
                                 githubs rate limit
          --help                 Show help                                 [boolean]

    You can clone it and run it locally by -

    node index travis-org-vuln-scanner -t TRAVIS_TOKEN -o ORGANIZATION_NAME --extended --github_token GITHUB_TOKEN

    OR by just using NPX

    npx travis-org-vuln-scanner -t TRAVIS_TOKEN -o ORGANIZATION_NAME --extended --github_token GITHUB_TOKEN

    To ensure you're using the latest version, you can add --ignore-existing to the npx command, e.g. -

    npx --ignore-existing travis-org-vuln-scanner -t TRAVIS_TOKEN -o ORGANIZATION_NAME --extended --github_token GITHUB_TOKEN


    npm i travis-org-vuln-scanner

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