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Maintenance note This module isn't actively used in any of our projects anymore, so the amount of new features here will most likely be very low. However, we will fix any bugs and help co-maintain this with anyone interested.

Turn a protocol string into a transport duplex stream.

npm install transport-stream

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Ships with support for transports that pipes to remote commands over ssh, piping to the processes spawned on local machine in other folder, http and https.


var transports = require('transport-stream')
var createStream = transports({
  command: 'cat -' // spawn this command when using ssh or the local file system 
// create a duplex stream that pipes to `spawn-me` on 
var stream = createStream('ssh://')
// create a duplex stream over https 
var stream = createStream('')
// create a duplex stream that pipes to `spawn-me` spawned in /tmp 
var stream = createStream('/tmp')


createStream = transports(options)

Create a new transports instance. Options include

  command: 'a-command-to-spawn',
  protocols: {
    // add any custom protocols here 
    dat: function (url, options) {
      return aDatProtocolStream(url)
    // or set http: false to disable a build in protocol 
    http: false

If you set the command option file and ssh protocols are enabled per default in addition to http and https.

var stream = createStream(url)

Create a new duplex transport stream based on the protocol used in url. If no suitable protocol is found an exception is thrown.