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    Transpiles JavaScript modules from one format to another.

    It supports from:

    • es6,
    • cjs,
    • amd,
    • steal


    • amd,
    • steal,
    • cjs.

    Currently, it can not transpile to ES6 module syntax.


    > npm install transpile --save-dev

    Use transpiles from one format to another format. lets you know if a transpile is possible.


    Formats are specified by strings like:

    • "es6" - ES6 Module syntax like import Point from "math";
    • "cjs" - CommonJS syntax like var _ = require('underscore');
    • "amd" - Asynchronous Module Definition syntax like define(['jquery'],function($){});
    • "steal" - steal syntax like steal('jquery', function($){}), format, options) -> transpiledResult

    Transpiles from the load's format to the specified format. If the load does not specify a format, "es6" modules are assumed. Returns an object containing the transpiled source and sourceMap (if sourceMap option provided).


    var transpile = require('transpile');
    var res ={
      name: "my/module",
      source: "var foo = require('foo')",
      metadata: {format: "cjs"}
    }, "amd")
    res.code //-> "define("my/module", function(require, exports, module) { ... "

    A load is an object in the shape of an ES6 Load Record like:

      name: "moduleName",
      source: "source code",
      metadata: {format: "formatName"}


    Previously returned a string containing the transpiled source. To accomodate Source Maps support the API has changed and now returns an object that looks like:

      code: "define(...", // The transpiled source,
      map: {}, // A source map, if sourceMaps option is provided.
      ast: {} // A Mozilla Parser API compatible AST, created by Esprima


    • normalizeMap Object<moduleName,moduleName> - A mapping module names that will be used to replace dependency names in the transpiled result.
    • normalize function(name, currentName, address) -> String - A function that can be used to change moduleNames that are written in the transpiled result.
    • namedDefines Boolean=false - Set to true to insert named defines.
    • transpiler String=traceur - Set which ES6 transpiler to use. Valid options are traceur or 6to5 with traceur being the default.
    • transpile function(source, compileOptions, options) -> Object - If you want to handle tranpiling yourself and not use the built-in options, this is a function that will be given the source and is expected to return an object containing a code string.
    • sourceMaps Boolean=false - Set to true to return a map and ast object along with the result.
    • sourceMapsContent Boolean=false - If sourceMaps is set to true, this option will include the original source contents with the source maps., toFormat) -> transpiledPath

    Returns the path used to transpile from fromFormat to toFormat. If transpiling is not possible, null will be returned.


    var res ="steal","cjs");
    res //-> ["steal","amd"];

    This means that a module will be converted from "steal" to "amd" and then to "cjs".


    > npm test




    npm i transpile

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