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check and trace git base translation


Use as cli tool

npm install --global translation-tracer



before start

  1. create and cd directory
  2. clone base content repository. dirname 'content' is default
  3. clone translate content repository. dirname 'translated-content' is default



command options

Option Key CLI Alias Description Type Default
--contentRepository Base content Repository for trancelation. string ./content
--trancelatedRepository trancelated content Repository. string ./trancelated-content
--contentPath target path in base content repository. string en-US
--nocontentPath flag for contentPath make void. boolean false
--translatedPath target path in trancelated content repository. string files/ja
--notranslatedPath flag for translatedPath make void. boolean false
--resultFile filepath for log. templated by day.js format. string [./trancelate-status-]YYYY-MM-DD-HH-mm-ssZZ[.csv]
--exts --e target file extention(eg. html, htm). if you want set multiple, type like '-e html --e htm --e txt' string list [html, htm]
--verbose --v verbose flag boolean true

Log File

Translation-tracer makes log file as csv with headers. because it assumed use in spreadsheet application. ex. filter status.

Column Number Column Name Mean
0 file target file name
1 status translation status. ex. out of date
2 score time or simirality parsentage
3 extra extra data if need. likly rename base and renamed filename
Translation Status
Name Description Score Extra
not translated this file did not translated. latest update or create time
not delete base file deleted but translation file did not delete delete time
rename mistake rename mistake at translation file. base file similarity translated file name after renamed
out of date this file is translated but out of date base file's last modified time
rename mistake translated file miss renamed base file similality percentage translated file name "after and before" renamed.
not renamed base file renamed, but translated file did not rename base file similality percentage translated file name when base file renamed
translated filename mistake or base file deleted translated file exist. but base file does not exist if this file was renamed, file similality percentage if this file was renamed, filename before renamed

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