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This module will help you to easily implement translations into your app. With the integrated express middleware it is possible to translate you app with an easy to use frontend.

Build Status

Build Status


translate.Me module

Just hit npm install in your application directory.

At this time it only parses .js and .mustache files. This limitations will be fixed in one of the next versions.


var TranslateMe = require('')({
        mongoURL: 'mongodb://localhost/i18n',
        defaultLocale: 'en',
        supportedLocales: ['de', 'fr', 'fi', 'cz']
    path = require('path'),
    Handlebars = require('handlebars'),
    express = require('express'),
    app = express();


 * It is imported to place the 'reqister routers' after
 * all use-statements, to prevent any blockage of other middlewares.

app.get('/', function (req, res) {

    path.join(__dirname, 'public', 'js'),
    path.join(__dirname, 'views')
], __dirname, {
    'text/angular': ['html'],
    'text/handlebars': ['hbs', 'handlebars', 'handlebar'],
    'text/mustache': ['mustache']
}, function(err, translations) {
    TranslateMe.getTranslator(function() {


Administration Frontend

If you have enabled the administration frontend just open the url / in the browser. Translating in the UI is very easy. You can select your namespaces if you use them, or just the global namespace where all keys without a namespace are saved. Initially the global namespace and one language of your available translations is displayed. You get a list of all keys, just translate them. They will be saved after loosing focus of the current input element.

The Parser

The parser starts just right after the launch of your application. It searches for all occurrences of _.translate and {{translation key="Value"}}. The keys will be saved into the given mongo database.

Dynamic translations

If you have dynamic content to translate that is not yet known to the system it will save it and then you are able to translate it. Before production launch you should inspect your application and trigger all dynamic string, so your translators are able to translate these strings. Otherwise the default dynamic strings will be displayed.



If your application uses requirejs module loading you just need to include one file.

define(['underscore', '/'], function (_) {
    console.log(_.translate("Hello World", "MyCustomNamespace"));

Non amd

You may use this module without amd loading, to do that you have to load jquery and underscore. Before translating works you have to implement the following scripts:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/"></script>

Then you can start using _.translate in your JS code.

 $(function () {
    $('#helloworld').text(_.translate("Hello World", "MyCustomNamespace"));

Handlebars helper

If you are using handlebars you can use our helper to translate strings directly in the template.

{{#namespace name="MyCustomNamespace"}}
    <h1>{{translation key="Hello World"}}</h1>

Namespaces & Keys

You may namespace your translations to differ between views or something else. Namespaces can be used in handlebars and underscore.


Like in the example above you just need to add the namespace helper. {{#namespace name="MyCustomNamespace"}} will use translations of the MyCustomNamespace namespace. If you cannot nest namespaces, but you are able to get translations inside a namespace out of another namespace.

{{#namespace name="MyCustomNamespace"}}
    {{translation key="Hello World"}}
    {{#namespace name="Global"}}
        {{translation key="Hello World from 'Global' namespace"}}


With underscore namespaces are as simple as pie. Just pass a second parameter to the translate function and it is used as the namespace.

_.translate("Hello World", "MyCustomNamespace");
_.translate("Hello World from 'Global' namespace");


This software is licensed under the MIT License and can be read here




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