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I am a command line client for the Transit & Trails API. I use transitandtrails under the hood.


npm install -g transitandtrails-cli

Or, if you want the current development version:

npm install -g "git+"


tnt --help
tnt -k <key> trailhead -g 292
tnt -k <key> trailhead-maps 292

It can be used with jq to pretty-print and filter output:

tnt -k <key> trailheads -n 5 | jq .
tnt -k <key> trailheads -n 25 | jq '.[22].park_name'

It can also be used with to see the raw data on a map:

npm install -g geojsonio-cli
tnt -k <key> trip 1363 --geojson | geojsonio

Environment Variables

  • TNT_KEY - (optional) API key--can be used to avoid passing -k.
  • TNT_URL_PREFIX - (optional) alternate URL prefix. Defaults to


Copyright (c) 2013 Seth Fitzsimmons

Published under the MIT license.