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TRACE Search

TRACE library for third-party account discovery.

Building and running on localhost

First install dependencies:

npm install

To start:

npm start
# Open the browser to localhost:8000

To create a production build:

npm run build-prod

To create a development build:

npm run build-dev

Create and serve docs:

npm run build-docs
npm run start-docs


npm test                # Full test suite
npm test --verbose      # Full test suite with more info
npm test -- -h          # Show Jest CLI help
npm test -- --watch     # Re-run affected tests when source code changes are detected
npm test -- -t search   # Run tests that contain 'search'

# Run only a certain test file
npm test -- src/tests/search.test.ts

npm run test-all        # Run all tests, including super long running ones
npm run test-debug      # If tests get stuck

Testing with External Project

To test with an external project that consumes the library, you can:

  • Install from NPM
  • Link locally
  • Install from Git

Install from NPM

Install the official version of the package published on NPM.

cd external-project
npm install trace-search

Link Locally

If you are actively working on integrating the library with an external project, this is the best method. The package is symlinked into the global collection of NPM packages. Changes should propagate quickly and without extra work.

See for more.

cd external-project
npm link ../trace-search

cd ../trace-search
npm run build-dev -- --watch

### OR the long way

cd trace-search
npm link trace-search   # Link our local directory into the global package folder

cd external-project
npm link trace-search   # Link the global package into the project

cd ../trace-search
npm run build-dev -- --watch

Install from Git

This is the slowest but doesn't rely on configuring/managing local directories or waiting for a release. If you only need to consume the library, aren't actively developing it, and need more recent changes than what's published to NPM, this is the best option.

cd external-project
npm install git+

# To update to the latest changes in the default branch
npm upgrade trace-search

Helpful Scripts

npm run lint    # Run the linter
npm run format  # Run the code formatter


# Test creating the package locally
npm pack

# Publish to NPM
npm publish

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