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Minimal, extensible validation component.

Tower Validator

Minimal, extensible validation component.


$ npm install tower-validator


$ component install tower-validator
var validator = require('tower-validator');
validator('eq', function eq(a, b){
  return a === b;
validator('neq', function neq(a, b){
  return a !== b;
validator('gte', function gte(a, b){
  return a >= b;
validator('gt', function gte(a, b){
  return a > b;

Install testem:

$ npm install -g testem

Run tests:

$ testem

Then, open all the browsers you want to test by going to the outputted url defaulted to http://localhost:7357

Tests will run on any open browser linked to the stated url and your current Node environment.

Before you send a pull request, make sure your code meets the style guidelines at and all tests pass.