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Event emitter

Tower Emitter

Event emitter component (started from component/emitter).


$ npm install tower-emitter


$ component install tower/emitter

The Emitter may also be used as a mixin. For example a "plain" object may become an emitter, or you may extend an existing prototype.

As an Emitter instance:

var Emitter = require('emitter');
var emitter = new Emitter;

As a mixin:

var Emitter = require('emitter');
var user = { name: 'tobi' };
user.emit('im a user');

As a prototype mixin:

var Emitter = require('emitter');

Register an event handler fn.

Register a single-shot event handler fn, removed immediately after it is invoked the first time.

Remove event handler fn, or pass only the event name to remove all handlers for event.

Emit an event with variable option args.

Return an array of callbacks, or an empty array.

Check if this emitter has event handlers.

Install testem:

$ npm install -g testem

Run tests:

$ testem

Then, open all the browsers you want to test by going to the outputted url defaulted to http://localhost:7357

Tests will run on any open browser linked to the stated url and your current Node environment.

Before you send a pull request, make sure your code meets the style guidelines at and all tests pass.