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This module provides a way to glue together tournament like building blocks (or even other tourneys) to create larger tourneys that does not have tournament's pre-determined match size restriction.

As this library does not provide anything but an interface, it is probably easiest to understand by seeing some implementions:


You should read at least one of:

The short of it is that you can use any implementation like if it was a Tournament, but with extra stage separation:

var MyTourney = require('./mytrn.js')
// suppose MyTourney has 3 stages: 
// 1. GroupStage 
// 2. FFA 
// 3. Duel 
var opts = {
  groupStage: { groupSize: 4, limit: 16 }, // want the top 16 to proceed to Ffa 
  ffa: { sizes: [4, 4], advancers: [2], limit: 4 }, // top 4 to Duel stage 
  duel: { last: Duel.LB }
var trn = new MyTourney(32, opts);
// then: 
trn.matches; // gives you the current stage (groupstage first) 
trn.score(trn.matches[i].id, [1,0]); // score a match like a tournament 
// when all scored: 
trn.stageDone(); // true 
trn.matches; // either round 1 of FFA or tiebreakers for the groupstage 
// keep scoring and making next stages until: 
trn.isDone(); // cannot create more stages now 
trn.complete(); // lock down state 


MIT-Licensed. See LICENSE file for details.