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README out of date - please see #4

This package provides common gulp tasks for TouchstoneJS projects with:

  • Browserify for transforming JSX and creating distribution builds
  • Watchify for automatic, efficient rebundling on file changes
  • Express for serving examples during development
  • LESS stylesheets

In future versions, you'll be able to configure the tasks (including which tasks are run, source files and folder paths, etc).

Project setup

The tasks assume you are following the following conventions for your project:

  • Your app has a single entry point in a source folder
  • Source consists of
    • Static file(s) (e.g. html, images, etc)
    • One or more stylesheets to be generated with LESS
    • One or more scripts to be bundled with Browserify
  • Everything will be packaged into the www folder and built with Cordova

Example project structure


For a complete example see Thinkmill/touchstone-starter


npm install --save-dev touchstonejs-tasks gulp reactify

Note You need to install gulp and reactify in your devDependencies along with touchstonejs-tasks, because they must exist in the root node_modules directory of your project.

In your gulpfile, call this package with your gulp instance and config. It will add the tasks to gulp for you. You can also add your own tasks if you want.

var gulp = require('gulp'),
    initGulpTasks = require('touchstonejs-tasks');

Task Config

Coming soon.


I wrote this package because maintaining build processes across multiple projects became a repetitive chore with large margin for error.

Although its quite opinionated, hopefully it will be a useful resource for other projects.

Please let me know if you think anything could be done better or you'd like to see a feature added. Issues and PR's welcome.


MIT. Copyright (c) 2014 Jed Watson.