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Thrill Build Status

Thrill runs tests in browsers.

If you're new here, try the quick start. It's the fastest way to figure out what Thrill does and how it works.

Central & Automated

One server captures browsers for anyone in the network to run tests on. Automatically populate the pool using Selenium Grid, Sauce Labs, or Browser Stack. Choose which browsers should run your tests based on user-agent or feature set (anything that Modernizr can detect).


Thrill can automatically detect and inject it's adapter during test-time for test suites using QUnit, jasmine, mocha, or YUI. This means minimal or no configuration to run your test suite.


Run Thrill via the command-line, grunt, or within your own application. Use the simple API to write your own adapters and reporters. Report tests using mocha's many reporters, regardless of the testing framework you're using.


Please see the wiki for full documentation of Thrill.