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loader for openStreetMapData from there API.

tosm is parsing the XML super quick and sort the data to the different types of objects. Now supported are streets, buildings, wather, addresses and all there tags. Using this structure, it will be very simple to store these data to your db or render a map of these.

´´´js var tosm = require('tosm');

var lon=54.0900; var lat =12.1252; // reading the mapdata around Rostock in Germany tosm.getPosition(lon,lat,function callback(err, data){ console.log(err,data) });

// is the same as tosm.getRect(lon+0.05, lon-0.05, lat+0.05, lat-0.05, function callback(err, data){ console.log(err,data) });



Tobias Nickel German software developer in Shanghai. alt text