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request-clone with connection to torfetch-module

This module works like the normal request module for node from mikeal, but call it's request over a socks5-proxy. This module is able to fetch onion-domains.

At first you need to have a working TOR service on your machine.

For example you can install TOR on a Debian system like this:

apt-get install tor tor-geoipdb

Install the package over the npm package-manager:

npm install torrequest

You can use this module like the request module. Please see the readme of request for further informations.

There are two optional parameters specially introduced for the tor settings: torHost and torPort. Normally this module use the standard localhost:9050.

var torRequest = require("torrequest");
  uri: "",
  torHost: "my-host-or-ip",
  torPort: 9050
}, function(err,res,doc){
  if(err) return console.log("Error: "+err);
  console.log("Document fetched successfully...");