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torrentcast builds a REST API around peerflix and omxplayer. omxplayer is a commandline player especially build for usage on a raspberry pi. peerflix on the otherhand is a small lib/tool written for node which enables streaming of video torrents before they even finished downloading.


Make sure you have omxplayer and node.js installed on your raspberry. Then run:

npm install torrentcast -g

You can now start the server by running torrentcast. By default it will spin up a HTTP Server listening on port 9090.


// Assuming your Raspberry PI has the IP
// Start playing a torrent
curl --data "url=<URL to Torrent File>"
// Toggle between pause and play
curl -XPOST
// Stop playing
curl -XPOST
// Increase volume
curl -XPOST
// Decrease volume
curl -XPOST
// Get the current State.


Copyright (c) 2014 Simon Kusterer Licensed under the MIT license.