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Finds the best torrents (Movies, Series, Anime, Music and Other stuff) across multiple sources.


$ yarn add torrent-indexer


Here's a simple example to search for torrents.

const TorrentIndexer = require("torrent-indexer");
const torrentIndexer = new TorrentIndexer();
const torrents = await"rick and morty s04e04");
    fileName: 'Rick.and.Morty.S04E01.1080p.WEBRip.x264-TBS[TGx]',
    seeders: 7900,
    leechers: 3198,
    uploaded: "Nov. 11th '19",
    size: '736.0 MB',
    site: 'https://...',
    resolution: '1080p',
    source: 'webrip',
    codec: 'x264',
    group: 'TBS[TGx]',
    season: 4,
    episode: 1,
    score: 24.281,
    title: 'Rick and Morty',
    sourceName: '1337x'
    fileName: 'Rick and Morty S04E01 720p HDTV x264-W4F [eztv]',
    seeders: 170,
    leechers: 0,
    uploaded: '4 mo',
    size: '500.68 MB',
    link: 'magnet:?xt=urn:btih:...',
    resolution: '720p',
    source: 'hdtv',
    codec: 'x264',
    season: 4,
    episode: 1,
    score: 23.357,
    title: 'Rick and Morty',
    sourceName: 'Eztv'

Search method returns array of objects:

Property Type Optional Description
fileName string No torrent name found in the scraped sites, might be stripped for some sites
seeders number No total amount of seeders
leechers number No total leechers (0 for eztv)
uploaded string No upload dates, non standard date format
link string Yes/No contains either downloadable torrent url or magnet address
site string Yes/No if magnet or direct link of .torrent cannot be extracted this property will contain specific page address to extract using .torrent(site) method
  • One of link or site will be available. Site value contains webpage address to retrive torrent magnet or hash using .torrent(.site) method while link contains either direct downloadable torrent link or magnet.

  • There are also optional additional specific property available for specially for media contents.

Property Type Example
resolution string 1080p
source string bluray
codec string x264
group string RARBG
season number 4
episode number 1
title string Rick and Morty
sourceName string 1337x


.search(query, type, page);

Parameters Required Type Accepted Values
query Yes string anything, your search query
type No string movie, series, music or anime
page No number >= 1


Parameters Required Description
url Yes Using this method you can retrieve magnet or torrent hash from .site property


await torrentIndexer.torrent(;


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