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A library for controlling servos connected to a SSC or Torobot servo controller board. API modelled after Johnny-Five


npm install torque


var torque = require('torque');
var board = new torque.Board({
    port: '/path/to/fd'
board.on('ready', function () {
    var servo = new torque.Servo({
        pin: 1, 
        pwmRange: [ 600, 2400 ] // defaults to 1000 - 2000 
    servo.move(45, 500); // rotate to 45 degrees, and take 500ms to do so 
    // wait 2 seconds then... 
    board.wait(2000, function () {
        servo.move(130); // rotate to 130 degrees, take the default time of 100ms to do so 

Torque.Board provides loop(ms, callback) and wait(ms, callback), however if you need to use more complicated event loop programming such as queues or repeat x times, please feel free to use compulsive.


If you have one of these boards, please help out.

  1. Fork the project, and run npm install
  2. Create a branch off develop for a feature; $ git checkout -b myfeature develop or off master for a bug fix $ git checkout -b hotfix-issue1 master
  3. Add tests where you can
  4. Implement your feature or bug fix
  5. un tests by running npm test in the root folder
  6. Commit and push your changes. You could use a pre-commit hook to make the combine the last 2 steps.
  7. Submit your pull request

Compatable boards

  • Torobot Confirmed
  • SSC
  • Sonxun