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Welcome to Tornado UI v2

Tornado is an Open Source Framework for Forntend and UI/UX Designers made with love from a designer to designers the Main Goal of this framework is to make web design more simple and providing the best performance and easy to control elements Builded With Sass and TypeScript for Easy Customizing.

browser support

v31+ v49+ v10+ v35+ v12+ v11+


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Before You Start

Before you start working with the framework you must know that this framework ment to be a complete work enviroment not just including the production css/js files so if you want to understand what exactly happening and use it in the right way continue reading the docementation.


in order to install Tornado env you can use npm or you can use Git CLI from the Following Commands.

====== Git CLI Clone =====
git clone

====== NPM Install ======
npm install tornado-ui

after that you will need to install Node.JS and SASS the Ruby version for compiling the source files.

Quick CDN Links

====== Tornado CSS [LTR] =====

====== Tornado CSS [RTL] =====

====== Tornado [ICONS] CSS =====

====== Tornado JS =====

Upcoming Update V2.6.☯️ Advanced Multimedia || 08/2020

#-- - [new] Advanced Video Player
#-- - [new] Advanced Audio Player
#-- - [new] Form Range Slider Control
#-- - [upgrade] Data Tables Advanced Options

Lateast Update V2.5.☯️ Super 🦸‍♂️ Tornado || 07/2020

#01 - [new] Convert all Javascript from Babel to Typescript
#02 - [new] React Components for all UI Elements
#03 - [new] Seperate Icons Font CSS from Tornado CSS.
#04 - [new] JS Event Date/Time Counter Down
#05 - [new] Dynamic Backgrounds Lazy Loading Added
#06 - [new] images lazyloading added
#07 - [new] CSS Variables for Design Options
#08 - [new] Form Control Validation In Realtime
#09 - [new] Form UI SASS Rewrite and JS Upgrade
#10 - [new] Form Advanced Select
#11 - [new] Form Advanced File Uploader
#12 - [new] Form Repeater Functionality
#13 - [new] Form Rating Stars
#14 - [new] Buttons new Themes Added
#15 - [new] TNS Slider Method and UI Components
#16 - [new] Data Tables Creation Method
#17 - [new] Tabs TypeScript Method
#18 - [new] Popup TypeScript Method
#19 - [new] Images Lightbox Component and Method
#20 - [new] Circle and Radial Progress Components
#21 - [new] Tornado Design Options Method
#22 - [new] Tornado Theme Switcher Method
#23 - [doc] Documenting Typescript Methods
#24 - [fix] JS Dynamic Page Direction for WP-Admin
#25 - [Deprecated] Remove Lined Theme Form
#-- - [doc] Documenting React Components



Copyright (c) 2016-present, Abdullah Ramadan. Licensed under the terms of the MIT License.

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