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tor-test Build Status

This module checks whether a specific ip address is a Tor exit node. In other words tor-test lets you know if a connection to your Node.js application is coming from the Tor network.

See associated blogpost.


$ npm i -S tor-test

This will install the module and save it in your package.json as dependency.


const TorTest = require('tor-test');
TorTest.isTor('', (err, isTor) => {
    // isTor is false 



This methods feeds the cache of the module with a list of Tor exit nodes. It takes 1 parameter:

  • callback: a function which signature is function (err) where err is an Error or null.
const TorTest = require('tor-test');
TorTest.fetch((err) => ...)

isTor(addr, [force], callback):

This method is used to check if an IP address is a Tor exit node. If fetch has not been called before, it will be called at the first call of isTor. It takes 3 arguments:

  • addr: a string representing the IP address to test
  • force: a boolean, optional, if present and set to true, it will force a reload of the cached Tor exit node list.
  • callback: a function which signature is function (err, result) where:
    • err is an Error or null
    • result is a boolean. It will equal true is addr is the address of a Tor exit node


A cookbook is available for this module: