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Top Hat

Top Hat is a minimal wrapper for the StatHat EZ API.


npm install tophat


var tophat = require('tophat'),
    stats = new tophat('EZ_KEY');
stats.count('login.success'); // Count 1 successful login
stats.count('login.failed', 2); // Count 2 failed logins
stats.value('', 100); // Record 100 active users

Constructor options

  • key: StatHat EZ key, found on the Settings page
  • options: optional options object with the following keys
    • prefix: prefix for stat name
    • ssl: boolean specifying transport, defaults to true


.count(name, count, cb)

  • name: Stat name
  • count: Optional count, defaults to 1
  • cb: Optional callback function

.value(name, value, cb)

  • name: Stat name
  • value: Stat value
  • cb: Optional callback function