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Easy AutoPosting via the sdk

How to

It's really really simple! All you gotta do is:

const { AutoPoster } = require('topgg-autoposter')

const poster = AutoPoster('topggtoken', client) // your discord.js or eris client

// optional
poster.on('posted', (stats) => { // ran when succesfully posted
  console.log(`Posted stats to | ${stats.serverCount} servers`)

You can also do poster.on('error', (err) => { ... }) and this will stop errors from being logged and left for you to handle

And that's it!

It will begin to post your server count, and shard count every 30 minutes.

This even work on individual Discord.JS shards that are process separated.

If you would like to do specific clients, DJSPoster & ErisPoster & DJSSharderPoster & RosePoster are all exported classes!

Traditional Discord.JS Sharding:

If you use Discord.JS' traditional ShardingManager sharder, you can also append the AutoPoster to the sharding manager like so:

const sharder = new Discord.ShardingManager(...)

const poster = AutoPoster('topggtoken', sharder)

sharder.spawn() // rest of your stuff!

This will run broadcastEval's and automatically fetch your statistics!

Discord-Rose posting

const master = new Master(...)

const poster = AutoPoster('topggtoken', master)

And it will run everything through comms.getStats() function


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